Map Event Distribution Issues
Sanctuary Progression Reset *UPDATE*
October 2023 Tournament Rule Changes
Panthera Blytheae Rush!
The Legendary Rush Assault
Legendary Rush 2
Scheduled Maintenance 3.2
Update 3.2
Omega Distribution: 2023 October Changes
The Foreclaw Pass
Museum Tour
October 2023
The Raid Festival Assault
Raid Festival
New Raid Creatures – September 2023
’93 Classic T. Rex + Compensation ESD
Emergency Maintenance (Sep 20th 2023)
The Tyrannosaurid Assault
Spelling Bee Chase Compensation + Chase Tap Issues (UPDATED)
Titan Outback Assault
Update 3.1 Known Issues *UPDATED*
The Classic Pass
Omega Distribution: September Changes
The Classic Assault
Introducing ’93 Classic T. rex
September 2023
Weekly Special Mission Issue & Compensation
Spelling Bee 2023
August Omegas on the Map!
The Dawn Pass