The Raid Festival Assault
Raid Festival
New Raid Creatures – September 2023
Raid Schedule
Sanctuary Progression Reset
’93 Classic T. Rex + Compensation ESD
Emergency Maintenance (Sep 20th 2023)
The Tyrannosaurid Assault
Spelling Bee Chase Compensation + Chase Tap Issues (UPDATED)
Titan Outback Assault
Update 3.1 Known Issues *UPDATED*
The Classic Pass
Omega Distribution: September Changes
The Classic Assault
Introducing ’93 Classic T. rex
September 2023
Weekly Special Mission Issue & Compensation
Spelling Bee 2023
August Omegas on the Map!
The Dawn Pass
Scheduled Maintenance 3.1
Update 3.1
Clever Girl off the Map
August 2023
The Afflictors Pass
Savage Pass End Date Banner Issue
Update 3.0.30 Known Issues *UPDATED*
Introducing Discount Events