Short-Range Spawn Issue Update
2024 February/March Distribution Changes
Update 3.4 Known Issues (Updated 01/31)
Carnivore Carnival
Dragon’s Year Assault
GPS-less Play
Update 3.4 Distribution Changes
Scheduled Maintenance 3.4
Update 3.4
Winter Storm Assault
Jurassic World Dominion
The Alabaster Pass
The Omega White Rock Assault
2024 January Distribution Changes
January 2024
Wild Carnivores
New Years
The Haast Maximus Enhancement Rush Assault
Winter Dinosaurs (Part 2)
December 2023
Upcoming Ability Interface Improvements (Updated 12/12)
Winter Dinosaurs
Update 3.3 Known Issues (Updated 12/12)
Winter Dinosaurs Assault
Upcoming Maintenance – December 12th, 2023
Special Event: Omega ESD Rush
Map Event Distribution – Reporting Empty Maps, Missing Points and Modifying Points
The Frozen Pass
2023 December Distribution Changes
Mortem Rex Kingdom Pass Assault