Brawl (4v4)

Brawl (4v4)

The wait is over as Brawl is coming to Jurassic World Alive!

Battle using a team of 4 dinosaurs against another player’s team in a new, strategic way to play!

Reach Player Level 7 to unlock this mode, which can be accessed in the drop-down menu (4v4) via the PVP Battles tab.

Place the dinosaurs in a 2 x 2 formation, with the front creatures taking the brunt of the attacks and the creatures in the back dishing it out.

Swapping your creatures between rows during battles is also vital in maximizing your strategy.

Dinosaurs with Swap-In abilities will trigger when swapped to the front, while dinosaurs moving to the back can be targeted by your opponent’s On-Escape attacks.

Furthermore, Group Attacks will primarily hit front Creatures. However, if a back-row dinosaur is Taunting, the group attack will be redirected to it instead.

We’re also introducing exclusive Passive Bonuses to Brawl. This new perks mechanic will buff certain dinosaurs’ stats and skills and should appear in certain Brawl Events. We believe this new system will dynamically alter the competitive landscape and allow new creatures to rise to the top of the food chain!

Win Brawl battles to receive in-game rewards, including Brawl Crests — a brand new in-game currency.

The number of awarded Crests depends on the number of matches you win daily! Winning your 1st daily match will net you 500 Brawl Crests, while your 2nd to 10th daily win will net you 150 Brawl Crests per match*. After your 10th daily victory, you’ll be rewarded an incubator per win.

Note that the daily Brawl Crest win cap will reset daily at 15:00 UTC.

* Please note that the number of rewarded Brawl Crests is subject to change at any time.

Winning Brawls will also net you Brawl Crests, a new in-game currency.
Trade Brawl Crests for exclusive in-game rewards via the Brawl Shop! You can access this new store anytime by scrolling down on the Market section.


We know you’ve been eagerly anticipating this feature for a long time, and we’re pleased to finally allow players to head-to-head in 4v4 matches and test their skills!

So, who’s ready to dominate in Brawl?