Update 3.6

Update 3.6

Release 3.6: The Buck and Doe Update!

Update 3.6 brings new dinosaurs, dinosaur updates, and more to Jurassic World Alive!

What’s New?

Since we’ve noticed the lack of short-range spawns, we’ve made significant improvements to address this issue over the last few updates. Version 3.6 is no exception, as we’ve made important changes — thanks to our community’s countless feedback and reports.

First, we’ve increased the short-range density when exploring in the wild to make it more likely that you will encounter these coveted dinosaurs. Short-range dinosaurs should also be spawning in every zone.

Second, we’ve boosted the number of species and events in urban areas to ensure you always have something to interact with. Lastly, we’ve also improved the variety of dinosaurs and events that spawn close to each other to ensure you always have a diversity of activities in your area!

With that said, Please note that these spawning improvements will shuffle all players’ maps once the update is live. In other words, points of interest (e.g., sanctuaries, supply drops, strike towers, etc) will change position on your map. While there is a significant element of randomness with the map shuffling, the overall intention is to improve the experience for as many players as possible.

We hope these changes will make it easier for affected players to find Short-range dinosaurs.

Rest assured that our team is also working on addressing other long-term issues in the game.

Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for more!

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The following creatures now have Enhancement tracks!

  • Quetzaljara
  • Gryganyth

What’s Improved?


The Diabloceratops was below its potential in the Omega ranks. We opted to give it some help with its damage multipliers and Armor buff granted by Survival Instinct. This should allow you to keep your Diabloceratops the way you trained it, just a little better at what it does best!


  • Leading Charge
    • Attack 1.66x becomes Attack 2x.
  • Instant Crush
    • Attack 2x becomes Attack 2.5x.
  • Survival Instinct
    • Increase Armor by 25% becomes Increase Armor by 35% in Threatened State.


We’ve found that Stegouros had issues establishing his game plan during fights. We increased its initial Critical Damage to allow players to place additional points elsewhere. We’ve also improved its Embolden to improve its critical chance. On the defensive side, we’ve improved its counter so it takes less damage on the next turn!


  • Embolden
    • Critical Chance increased from 25% to 50%, and Delay removed.
  • Stunning Vulnerability Impact becomes Stunning Vulnerability Rampage.
    • Attack 1.66x becomes Attack 2x.
  • Distracting Counter
    • Damage reduction 15.0% for 1 turn(s), 1 attack(s) becomes 25.0% for 2 turn(s), 4 attack(s).


  • Critical Change: 26% to 35%


The Ceratosaurus had a singular problem: its inability to look at more than one creature at once. As such, we’ve given it an ability that allows it to bypass flocks, plus a bit of a Stats jump! We’ve also changed the Enhancement so it has more opportunities to use it.


  • Heavy Strike becomes Group Heavy Strike


  • Health: 5250 to 5350
  • Damage: 1550 to 1650
  • Armor: 10% to 15%

Tier 5 Enhancement:

  • At end of turn: if Swap Prevention becomes At start of turn: if Opponent is Wounded.


Koreanosaurus had some issues surviving when facing other creatures of its rarity, so we decided to give it some help in this department. Unstoppable Force has a chance to grant you a free turn, and Instant Shielded Strike will help with the Koreanosaurus’ sustainability in the fray.


  • Instant Shielded Strike
    • 10% Heal added.
  • Unstoppable Force
    • 50.0% chance to Stun for 1 turn(s) added.


  • Armor: 5% to 10%


Very tiny changes to a creature could be problematic if we went a bit stronger, so we’ll be closely monitoring this one. Payback Rampage will do 0.5x more damage per use and we’ve added 25% more Damage Reduction Resistance, so it has an easier time pushing damage through.


  • Payback Rampage
    • Attack 2x becomes Attack 2.5x.


  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 50% to 75%


The Geosternbergia was supposed to be a trained terror of the skies, but the only thing it terrorized were squirrels. It gains a group buff and a new ability. Its signature Divebomb ability gains a chance to stun for 1 turn. We’ve also upped its starting Stats, allowing you to spend more points elsewhere.


  • Ferocious Flying Strike
    • Target Self becomes Target Team
  • Fierce Impact to Dispersed Fierce Impact
  • Divebomb
    • 50.0% chance to Stun for 1 turn(s) added.


  • Health: 1120 to 1320
  • Damage: 530 to 575


Australotitan lacked the imposing nature this tower needed, the Stun component of Titanic Takedown has been improved, and we’ve given it additional team support with Group Shattering Regenerating Impact, plus a higher base damage rate.


  • Shattering Regenerating Impact to Group Shattering Regenerating Impact
  • Titanic Takedown
    • 50.0% chance to Stun for 1 turn(s) becomes 75.0% chance to Stun for 1 turn(s).
  • Regenerating Alert Dominance
    • Target: Self. Heal 0.5X becomes Target: Team. Heal 0.5X.


  • Damage: 660 to 780


Unfortunately, the Plateorex broke the rules of engagement when it was first released. We found that its Swap-In attack did not lock it down for 2 turns like every other creature with such an ability. This has been fixed. Everything else about this Apex remains the same!


  • Swap In Bulwark Alert
    • Lockdown 2 Turn(s) added in Threatened State and Secured States.

Thylos Intrepidus

The Thylos Intrepidus has been devastating since its rebalance a few months back. We need to rein it in a little bit. Swap In Shattering Prowl will now perform its attack before the buffs come in, making it less dangerous for the opposing creature currently on the field.


  • Swap In Shattering Prowl
    • The regular attack will now perform before the buff.
      • The regular attack will no longer benefit from the buff.


We found that the Antarctovenator was underperforming, It now has a group attack to fight off flocks. We also gave it a few more points of Speed and Attack. As a final little treat, this friendly force of nature finds its enhancement… enhanced.


  • Cunning Strike to Tough Group Cunning Strike
  • Revenge Instant Ferocity to Vengeful Ferocious Distraction


  • Speed: 110 to 113
  • Damage: 1200 to 1300


  • Target: Self. Increase Speed By 15.0% becomes Increase Speed By 25.0%.


One of the oldest Legendaries of Jurassic World, Monostegotops needed an update. We completely revamped its kit, starting with the replacement of Distraction with Cunning Strike, an upgrade to its stunning move, an addition of an On Escape and a Counter from the Monolophosaurus family, and a substantial Stat and Resistance increase.


  • Distraction becomes Cunning Strike
  • Greater Stunning Impact becomes Greater Stunning Rampage
  • Group Decelerating Impact becomes Group Resilient Impact
  • Added Dig In On Escape
  • Added Nullifying Counter


  • HP: 3750 to 4250
  • Damage: 1000 to 1250


  • Added Swap Prevention Resistance: 100%
  • Added Armor Reduction Resistance: 50%
  • Added Damage Reduction Resistance: 50%


The Dakotaraptor hasn’t been revisited in a bit, and keeping an eye on it showed us it might need a little bump. Dakotaraptor gains a counter attack that gives it a damage increase as well as a health and attack buff. Swap Prevention Resistance should also grant it the ability to skip out when the going gets rough!


  • Distracting Rampage becomes Group Distracting Rampage
  • Added Counter Ferocity


  • HP: 3150 to 3300
  • Damage: 1200 to 1350


  • Added Swap Prevention: 100%


The Skoolasaurus fell victim to a bit of a normalization issue as its Rampage should have had a delay of 1 from the start. We’ve given it a little bit of critical chance percentage to help it along. Outside of that, no changes to this creature, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it nonetheless.


  • Group Distracting Rampage
    • Delay of 1 added.


  • Critical Chance: 5% to 15%


The Rativates’s dodge wasn’t triggering as much as we’d hoped, leaving it a sitting duck in the arena. Offensive Stance moving up to 75% dodge should help on that front. Rativates’ small attacks multiple times strategy was also not delivering as many wins as we thought it would, so all the damage multipliers on those Abilities have been increased.


  • Offensive Stance
    • 50.0% chance to Dodge becomes 75.0% chance to Dodge.
  • Shattering Triple Jab
    • Attack 0.33x becomes Attack 0.5x.
  • Jab And Weave
    • Attack 0.75x twice becomes Attack 1x twice.


  • Critical Chance: 5% to 10%


The Spinotasuchus hasn’t seen much action since its heyday. It gains a damage-lowering counter as well as additional health to keep it alive with the modern creatures of Jurassic World Alive. It loses Critical Impact to Dispersed Fierce Impact, which should allow more constant damage due to bypassing several mitigation methods.


  • Fierce Strike to Precise Piercing Strike
  • Critical Impact to Dispersed Fierce Impact
  • Added Distracting Counter


  • HP: 4000 to 4250

Leading Charge

Leading Charge now deals 2x damage instead of 1.66x.


Instant Crush

Instant Crush now deals 2.5x damage instead of 2x.


Survival Instinct

Survival Instinct now increases Armor by 35% instead of 25%.



Embolden now increases Critical Chance by 50% instead of 25%.


Distracting Counter

Distracting Counter now reduces damage by 25% instead of 15%.


Instant Shielded Strike

Instant Shielded Strike now additionally heals by 10% of the creature’s Max HP.


Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force now has a 50% chance to stun all opponents.


Payback Rampage

Payback Rampage now has 2.5x Damage, up from 2x.


Ferocious Flying Strike

Ferocious Flying Strike now targets the entire team with its buff, as opposed to itself.


Titanic Takedown

Titanic Takedown now has a 75% chance to Stun.


Regenerating Alert Dominance

When Secure, Regenerating Alert Dominance now targets the entire team with the attack and armor buffs and heal.


Swap In Bulwark Alert

Swap In Bulwark Alert now inflicts Lockdown for two turns on self when executed in both Secure and Threatened states.


Swap In Shattering Prowl

Swap In Shattering Prowl will now perform its attack before buffing itself, the attack will thus no longer benefit from the buffs.


Group Distracting Rampage

Group Distracting Rampage now has a Delay of 1, bringing it in line with its non-group version.


Offensive Stance

Offensive Stance now grants 75% dodge instead of 50%.
Offensive Stance now grants 33% critical chance instead of 25%.


Shattering Triple Jab

Shattering Triple Jab’s three attacks now do Damage 0.5x three times instead of 0.25x.


Jab and Weave

Jab and Weave’s two attacks now do Damage 1x two times instead of 0.75x.


Dive Bomb

Dive Bomb now has a 50% chance to stun.

What’s Fixed?

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for 3.6! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • When a dinosaur is inflicted with the Affliction status effect, the number of remaining turns should now be properly displayed.
  • Constrictoraptor’s ability icons should now correctly reflect their behavior when under the Revenge state.
  • The game should no longer softlock after accessing your Collection from AEP Reset Token.
  • You should be able to properly max out Sinraptor’s HP when spending Training Points in these stats.
  • In Raid, Minions being revived at the start of a new round should now correctly appear in the initiative track.


We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • In the Battle Pass screen, the Collect Reward button may fail to bring you to the next collectible reward.
  • In the Battle Pass screen, pressing the Collect Reward button may create an issue with the top part of the User Interface.
  • The Friend list might sometimes appear blank for players with a large number of friends.
  • Friendly challenges cannot be started.
  • Video ads can’t be played for free daily incubators.
  • The map will sometimes stop following the player’s movements when walking.
  • In rare instances, flying dinosaurs can be seen flying backward on the map.
  • iOS users may not receive raid invites if sent via an Android device.

A note on data collecting:

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.