Update 3.7 Known Issues (Updated 06/25)

Update 3.7 Known Issues (Updated 06/25)

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.7.

The team is currently investigating the following issues:

2024-06-25 UPDATE #2

  • Version 3.7.32 is now available to download for both platforms!
    • This is an optional download, but we will be forcing players to update in the short future.
    • This new version addresses the majority of the PvP-related issues that have been reported since the release of 3.7 (especially the issue that prevented players from swapping their dinos while in battle)
    • We also pushed a server fix to address the Devour Heal healing 0 HP issue; it is now live.
    • This version also allows players to be able to properly utilize dinos with 3 abilities now in 4v4 Brawl (such as Epic Tyrannosaurus)
    • This addressed Rajadotholus’ portrait background missing its Hybrid color scheme
  • The reduced Coins rewarded from PvP Battles should also be addressed. However, this fix will only be active as of June 26th, 2024, 11:00 AM ET.
    • Please note that this fix incurs a slight change to the Coin distribution from PvP Battles:
      • The coins received from your first PvP Battle after the fix is live will be reduced, but Coins received from subsequent battles after your first PvP Battle (post-fix) will be increased.
      • Though it may seem less at first, we project that, with these new changes, players will eventually receive more Coins from PvP Battles.
    • Rest assured that we are investigating reports from players having difficulties accessing/redeeming their DNA donations from the DNA donation hub. However, we are having difficulties reproducing the issue, so please continue to submit your reports and experiences either in-game or online HERE!

UPDATE 06/25

  • Players have noticed the Daily Battle Incubator reset time has been halved.
    • This is intentional. With the 4v4 Brawl mode adding a new avenue for DBIs, we wanted to increase their exposure to players and allow players to receive them even more frequently!
  • Rest assured, we’ve heard your feedback regarding the state of regular PvP Mode as a result of the issues encountered due to the 3.7x update. We have fixes in the works and are aiming to publish them to players as soon as possible, with the intention of making them available sometime this week.
    • In the meantime, to compensate for the issues that impacted the previous June 21st Tournament, we will make the June 28th Tournament a x3 Alliance Point multiplier Tournament.


  • The Brawl Crest reward cap reset time is incorrect.
    • The intention was for the Brawl Crest cap reset to reset at 15:00 UTC. However, please note it is currently resetting at 00:00 UTC instead. It will remain as is until we can deploy a proper fix.
  • The Coins rewarded from regular PvP battles have been reduced.
    • This was unintentional and a bug. We are aiming to deploy a fix as soon as possible. The number of Coins is not reduced, but rather, they have an unintentional cap placed on them (similar to Brawl Crests). We will remove the cap ASAP.
  • A myriad of issues are being reported in regular PvP Mode (e.g., Healing not working, incorrect abilities being performed, inconsistent swapping behavior…)
    • These may all be unexpected consequences of some of the major overhauls Brawl brought. We are investigating each report deeply and looking into deploying fixes ASAP.
  • Legendary Parasaurolophus lux’s Emergency Group Heal no longer works
    • The ability is working as intended! In 4v4 Brawl mode, Emergency Group Heal only heals the row the dinosaur is placed in, it does not heal the whole team.
  • Certain creatures’ “Where to Find” information is inconsistent
    • We are investigating this issue. We believe it is mainly a visual issue.
    • We can confirm no additional distribution changes have occurred for creatures outside the ones confirmed here.
  • Epic Tyrannosaurus rex’s abilities cannot be selected in 4v4 Brawl mode.
    • This issue seems to impact creatures used in Brawl that have only 3 abilities
    • This will occur with both Epic Tyrannosaurus rex and Epic Blue the Velociraptor.
    • There is a potential workaround, if you tap-hold the creature card from the initiative track during your turn, it should refresh the ability list and allow you to select abilities.
    • If the workaround fails, we recommend removing T-rex from your Brawl team until we deploy a proper fix.
  • Devour Heal abilities are healing for 0 Health
    • We are investigating these reports and will deploy a fix as soon as possible.

Please note that many of these issues may require a new game version update.
Rest assured that our team is working hard to deliver it and hopes to release it as soon as possible.

While we foresee releasing this new version early next week, we will notify everyone once it is available for download.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding throughout this period.