Brawl Q&A

Brawl Q&A

Hello DPG Members,

Since the release of 4v4 Brawl mode, we’ve received great questions from players we would like to respond to. Thus, we’ve asked our team to answer some of them, and here’s what they had to say!

There are group attacks (abilities that target more than 1 creature — which defaults to the Front Row), and there are “bypass alert” attacks that damage more than one flock member.

MOST group attacks bypass alert, but not all. Ankylomoloch’s group attack, for example, does not bypass alert.

This is part of our known issues. Disappearing Creatures happened every match during the playtest, and we’ve fixed most cases. However, some edge cases still happen where a creature will be inappropriately invisible. We aim to resolve this issue completely in the coming updates.

This bug should have been resolved with version 3.7.32. Please update your game to the latest version!

Dinosaurs aren’t as directionally versed as we are. They try to face the creature they’re attacking or are being attacked by. However, they may sometimes get confused about where their ‘front’ is. We’re working on helping them find their bearings.

The creatures and perks will rotate regularly. We aim to switch up most of the roster and perks on a weekly basis. We split Brawl between “Seasonal” dinosaurs – which are powerful dinosaurs you’ll find in most or all of the Brawls set for the season. Then, we’ll have weekly dinosaurs that regularly rotate out with each new Brawl event (though there can and will be repeats).

We will have in-game News articles that outline eligible dinosaurs in the next upcoming Brawl, split between Seasonal and Weekly. The upcoming Perks will also be outlined.

No! Abilities with Group Healing effects will only target the specific Row the dinosaur is placed in, not the whole team. It was one of the changes that came with Update 3.7.

Time for a peak behind the curtain! The truth is, not all creatures currently work in Brawl from a balancing standpoint (and from a tech standpoint, in some rare cases).

There are a lot of edge cases where certain dinosaurs will dominate in the 4v4 context (such as the surprisingly effective Epic Tyrannosaurus). So it will take some time to vet them all and ensure they become balanced in Brawl mode. Our team will continue to focus on batches of pre-existing dinosaurs that we (and players!) want to see in Brawl, and we will be balancing them to make them viable in both regular PvP and 4v4 mode. Ideally, we would like to have a new batch of eligible dinosaurs for every new version update.

For the Brawl launch, we mainly focused on the Legendary rarity, as we felt it offered the most room for player accessibility in both the early-game and late-game spectrums.

That being said — even when they do all the work (both balance and tech-wise), we will likely continue to restrict the roster pool (though not as small as it currently is, mind you). Rest assured, we are also exploring all options.

Correct! Simply put, not all Group Abilities “bypass alert” (i.e., not all of them will affect all three Flock members).

It’s the “Bypass Alert” effect that impacts all Flocks, not the Group aspect. Once upon a time, they were synonymous, but somewhere along the lines (around Beelzebufo’s appearance), that rule became softer. It gave us the levers to balance Brawl and better leverage our dinosaur roles and niches.

Correct again! Maternal Roar has “Bypass Alert”, “Resilient Group Rampage” does not.

If unsure, the ability text should always mention “bypassing Alert” if it’s intended to affect all Flock members.

Soon indeed! We’re still exploring the Brawl shop rotation schedule and frequency, but we did not want to further delay players from being able to explore this amazing new game mode.

Be sure to check your in-game news articles regularly! We’ll have published articles mentioning when new Brawl Shop offers will arrive.

As briefly mentioned in our Brawl announcement article, Brawl Crests stop being distributed after 10 Brawl Wins. The number of wins to reach the cap may be subject to change in the future.

We can understand why there’s some confusion with this question.

When we originally announced Brawl, we intended for the Crest reward cap to reset daily at 15:00 UTC to align with our other daily events.

When Brawl went live, however, a technical issue unfortunately prevented this from being achieved.

We’re working on resolving the issue, but it’s a bit more complicated than anticipated.

For now (and in the foreseeable future), the Brawl Crest reward cap will reset at 00:00 UTC, regardless of your region.

If this changes, we will communicate it in a separate announcement.