Update 3.7

Update 3.7

Release 3.7: The Brawl Update!

Update 3.7 brings new dinosaurs, features including 4V4 Brawl, a new Mission Growth Guide, and more to Jurassic World Alive!

What’s New?

The wait is over as Brawl is coming to Jurassic World Alive!

Battle using a team of 4 dinosaurs against another player’s team of dinosaurs in a new, strategic way to play. Read more about this exciting new mode HERE!

We’re introducing Healing Modifiers with two new mechanics: Heal Buff and Heal Debuff.

With Brawl being added to the game, these new mechanics were specifically designed to counter sneaky players with teams of healers!

  • Use Heal Buff on your dinosaurs (or teammates’) to increase the healing they will receive.
  • Use Heal Debuff on an opponent’s dinosaur to decrease the healing it will receive.

With that said, we’ve also had to tweak some of our existing abilities that have Heal and Cleanse — specifically Cleanse All. Here are the changes:

  • Abilities with Cleanse All will now activate after Heal rather than before.

Developer’s Note: This is so that the Heal Debuff can affect the healing capacity of dinosaurs using these abilities. Otherwise, the Cleanse All would remove any impact this debuff would have.

  • Added Cleanse Damage Debuff status before Heal.
    • Cleanse Damage Debuff will not apply to Heal abilities that use % of the dinosaur’s max HP in their description.

Developer’s Note: This was done to remove any impact the damage debuff mechanic might have on the dinosaurs. Concerning the second point, the debuff should not affect the efficacy of these types of abilities.

We’ve also fixed some inconsistencies with our icon visuals for most of the impacted abilities and renamed some in order to better reflect their actions.

You can find the full list of changes here: Jurassic World Alive – Update 3.7 Healing Modifier (Ability Updates)_Edited (Updated 06/18)

We hope these new mechanics will add another depth of strategy to your game plan!

We have made improvements to the Raid invitation system, which we hope will make it easier for players to connect with their friends and Alliance mates to complete Raids.

Once the update is live, please let us know if your experience has improved.

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What’s Improved?

Dimetrodon Gen 2

Dimetrodon Gen 2’s changes allow it to adjust its strategy and make critical hits more reliable and damaging. This newfound reliability comes from its new critical chance reduction resistance, which brushes off most if not all attempts to reduce its critical chance percentage.


  • HP: 4500 to 4800
  • Critical Chance: 5% to 15%
  • Critical Damage: 125% to 140%


  • Armor Piercing Rampage becomes Fierce Critical Impact.
  • Added Swap In Critical Strike.


  • Critical Chance Reduction Resistance: 0% to 75%.



Part of this effort isn’t just to bring up dinosaurs alongside the current power level of dinosaurs in the game but also to fix how certain stat lines did not fit with the dinosaur’s kit. The Archaeotherium is one such example. It loses a bit of health to gain a large amount of base attack, alongside a potential heal (based on its attack stat) and cleanse if it can terrify the opponent into leaving.


  • Mutual Fury becomes Delayed Mutual Fury.
  • Added Lesser Heal On Escape.



  • HP: 4600 to 4200
  • Attack: 1000 to 1500
  • Armor: 10% to 20%



The Diplocaulus is friend-shaped; perhaps we have let this amicable visage guide how we view its abilities. We’ve expanded the Diplocaulus’ kit, giving it more ways to reduce damage and helping it become a slippery swapper. It’s a bit of a change in direction for the dinosaur, but it’ll help it find a niche in early arenas.


  • HP: 2850 to 3300
  • Speed: 125 to 127


  • Distraction becomes Instant Cunning Strike.
  • Added Swap In Distraction.


  • Swap Prevention Resistance: 0% to 100%.


Euoplocephalus was one of the most formidable dinosaurs in the Common dinosaur pool. She used to have the highest armor of any critter when the game launched and was used in the tutorial as the face of Resilients far and wide. Time has not been good for this dinosaur. To help, we slightly bumped her stats and gave her more tools to combat dodgers adequately.


  • HP: 3600 to 4000
  • Attack: 900 to 1200


  • Rampage becomes Precise Rampage.
  • Added Armor Shift.


  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%.



Preondactylus might have been pushed ahead of schedule (those tiny pterodactyls are difficult to keep confined), but that does not mean we can’t make adjustments when necessary. By changing a Strike into an Impact, these tricky flyers should do more damage per appearance on the field.


  • Instant Cunning Strike becomes Instant Dodge Impact.



Postosuchus needed some love. With a kit overhaul, it can fight flocks more effectively with Group Fierce Strike, and its other abilities improved overall. On top of this, all other landcrocs who share their updated abilities will also benefit from these changes. They’ll be ready to face the significant challenges of the Arena.


  • Fierce Strike becomes Group Fierce Strike.
  • Group Ferocity
    • Increase Damage by 50% becomes Increase Damage by 75%.
    • Added Increase Crit Chance by 15% for 2 turns, 2 attacks.
  • Adrenaline Pulse now has a cooldown of 2.
  • Added Swap In Shattering Strike.


  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%



We could not update the Postosuchus without updating its sister in jaws the Kaprosuchus. With these updates, its abilities should now match the Kaprosuchus’ fierce looks (and class). We’ve cranked up ways to boost its attack while upgrading its ability to keep enemies on the field with the addition of No Escape.


  • HP: 3900 to 4200


  • Fierce Strike becomes Defense Shattering Wound.
  • Group Ferocity
    • Increase Damage by 50% becomes Increase Damage by 75%.
    • Added Increase Crit Chance by 15% for 2 turns, 2 attacks.
  • Group Cleansing Strike becomes Group Cleansing Impact.
    Added Swap In Ferocity.
    Added No Escape.


  • Swap Prevention Resistance: 0% to 75%.


Oviraptor GEN2

Oviraptor GEN2 is another dinosaur who needs a little something to be competitive. It embraced some of the most recent additions of the game, as it now has a higher Critical Damage percentage to go with its Critical Chance buff, and more importantly, it adopted the new heal debuff to ensure those pesky dinosaurs that can regenerate can’t do it as well.


  • HP: 2600 to 3300
  • Critical Chance: 15% to 25%
  • Critical Damage: 125% to 150%


  • Darting Counter becomes Darting Blighted Counter.
  • Added Critical Obstruction.


  • Swap Prevention Resistance: 0% to 50%.



Rajasaurus is one of the oldest dinosaurs in the game, and because of the recent hybridizations, we figured we’d take a look at her. Its absolute lack of resistance could not stand in the Common bracket, much less with Epics. As such, we gave her offensive abilities without sacrificing the number of shields and defenses, in addition to granting it the new Heal Debuff mechanic.


  • Armor: 0% to 10%.
  • Attack: 1000 to 1100.


  • Taunting Shields becomes Instant Shield Impact.
  • Group Shield becomes Taunting Resilient Group Impact.
  • Armor Piercing Counter becomes Blighted Piercing Counter.
  • Added Critical Obstruction.


  • Critical Chance Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%.
  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%.
  • DoT Resistance: 0% to 25%.
  • Vulnerability Resistance: 0% to 50%.



Many of you out there look at this dinosaur with fondness, especially if you have been playing from the very beginning, and as we touched upon its hybrid, we knew we had to give this dinosaur a much-needed update for all of you ceratopsidae lovers out there. Thus, we added Stat buffs and three resistances to this dinosaur! However, the biggest highlights are the changes to its abilities. For instance, its Resilient Strike is now Instant, allowing for a low-health finisher. It also gets an improved version of Greater Stunning Strike that will do more damage, apply a slowing effect and vulnerability as well, and Collision — giving it a guaranteed critical hit if the opponent tries to leave.


  • HP: 3600 to 3900
  • Attack: 1000 to 1100
  • Speed: 107 to 111


  • Resilient Strike becomes Instant Resilient Strike.
  • Greater Stunning Strike becomes Stunning Slowing Vulnerable Impact.
  • Added Collision.


  • Swap Prevention Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Reduced Armor Resistance: 0% to 50%.



Bajatonodon was originally designed to be the ultimate raid healer, meaning it had to bear that weight when considering the Arena. We’ve removed these limitations by replacing some moves with more recent ones from the same family while keeping its healing niche. It also gets a Group Rampage as a treat. That should make it a better viable pick in Arena while you build up to the higher rarities.


  • Resilient Strike becomes Protect The Herd.
  • Lesser Group Heal becomes Group Heal.
  • Group Instant Invincibility becomes Alert Team Protection.
  • Greater Emergency Heal becomes Resilient Group Rampage.
  • Added Exposing Counter.


  • DoT Resistance: 0% to 75%.
  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%.



Glyptoceras faced an identity crisis as it wasn’t particularly effective at anything and lacked synergy within its moves. To address this, we increased its health and attack stats and added a group move and an instant move while removing the Critical Rampage ability. While this makes for less burst damage, this should allow the Glyptoceras to withstand the rigors of the arena a few turns longer.


  • HP: 3750 to 3950
  • Attack: 1300 to 1400


  • Resilient Impact becomes Group Resilient Impact.
  • Critical Rampage becomes Instant Resilient Impact.


  • Swap Prevention Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Stun Resistance: 0% to 75%
  • Crit Reduction Resistance: 100% to 0%



The Rinchicyon’s changes are short and sweet; it gains additional critical damage, making critical hits more efficient. Plus, its Devious Strike becomes instant, allowing it to strike first whenever needed.


  • Critical Damage: 125% to 150%.


  • Devious Strike becomes Instant Devious Strike.



This terrifying dinosaur from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had a tumultuous time throughout updates. It often became less popular and eventually disappeared from player’s rosters. Thus, we’ve decided to kick it up a notch with the following changes to make her as terrifying as she was meant to be. We’ve swapped around a few moves, such as Cunning Strike, which becomes Fierce Strike. The most noteworthy improvement is the addition of Affliction resistance to a non-boss dinosaur. While it may be a small percentage, it will still prove useful to this dinosaur. We intend this to be an extremely rare attribute and hope that — alongside its other changes — it helps the Indoraptor stand out from the pack it is supposed to lead.


  • Cunning Strike becomes Fierce Strike
  • Cleansing Impact becomes Cautious Impact.
  • Fierce Rampage becomes Alert Berserk Critical Rampage
  • Evasive Stance becomes Prolonged Sidestep
  • Bait becomes Medium Baiting Counter


  • Affliction Resistance: 0% to 25%.



The Quetzorion’s theropod and pterosaur ancestors made a dinosaur that was supposed to move fast and eat things. Unfortunately, it did not move fast and became a picky eater. We made a few adjustments to make this dinosaur far less fussy and far more able to dine and dash with the addition of Pounce and Run. It gained some attack power and additional dodge if its adversary left the fight.


  • Attack: 1600 to 1650.


  • Nullifying Rampage becomes Pounce and Run.
  • Tier 5 Enhancement
    • End of Turn If Vulnerable becomes Start of Turn if Shielded.
  • Added Alert On Escape Evasion.


  • Stun Resistance: 0% to 75%.



The first Unique in JWA, Trykosaurus, is receiving an important update to its move set, which includes significant chomping and devouring capabilities to make its opponents fear it again. Like other balanced dinosaurs, we’ve remedied its lack of resistance by adding some while boosting its immunity. And if fear takes hold of your opponents, they will soon find out they cannot escape, as Trykosaurus now has Extreme Obstruction!


  • Resilient Impact becomes Group Resilient Impact.
  • Defensive Shattering Rampage becomes Fierce Devouring Rampage.
  • Instant Invincibility Taunt becomes Instant Taunting Bulwark.
  • Medium Counter Attack becomes Medium Resilient Counter-Attack.
  • Added Extreme Obstruction.


  • Vulnerability Resistance: 0% to 100%.
  • Reduced Armor Resistance: 0% to 75%.
  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 25%.
  • Stun Resistance: 0% to 50%.
  • Reduced Speed Resistance: 0% to 50%.



The Poukandactylus, a descendant of the Haast Eagle, suffered from its ancestors’ shortcomings. The changes to its move set will trickle down to the Haast Eagle line, which shares the same moves. Health and attack additions also bring the Poukandactylus up to today’s standards.


  • HP: 4050 to 4300
  • Attack: 1200 to 1400


  • Fearless Flap
    • All Opponents Attack 1.25x instead of 1x.
  • Group Instant Distraction becomes Group Instant Distracting Vulnerability.
  • Added Stuck Landing.
  • Added Obstruction To Flight.

Adrenaline Pulse

  • Damage Buff 10% for 1 turn.
  • Cooldown is now 2 instead of 3.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Postosuchus



  • Cooldown is now 2 instead of 3.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Einiosaurus, Postimetrodon, Purrolyth, Scaphognathus


Group Ferocity Strike

  • Increase Damage is now 75.0% from 50%.
  • Increase Crit Chance 15% for 2 turns, 2 attacks.
  • Cleanses Damage Debuff & Crit Chance Debuff.
  • Cooldown is now 2 instead of 3.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Gorgosuchus, Kaprosuchus, Postimetrodon, Postosuchus, Tsintaosaurus.


Group Ferocity

  • Increase Damage is now 75.0% from 50%.
  • Increase Crit Chance 15% for 2 turns, 2 attacks.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Dsungaia.


Swap In Ferocity

  • Increase Crit Chance 15% for 3 turns, 2 attacks.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Dsungaripterus, Majundasuchus, Majungasaurus, Megisotherium, Pteranodon, Tupandactylus.


Fearless Flap

  • All Opponents Remove Dodge. Remove Damage Buff. Remove Speed Buff.
  • All Opponents Attack 1.25X instead of 1X.

Dinosaurs Impacted: Argentavis, Haast Eagle, Haast Eagel Gen2, Haast Maximus, Poukaidei, Poukandactylus.

What’s Fixed?

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for 3.7! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when enabling the GPS-Less mode on lower-end devices.
  • Omega dinosaurs’ names should now always be properly displayed in the Team selection screen.
  • Pressing the Collect Reward button in the Battle Pass menu should properly scroll to the next item to collect.


We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • Battle Pass notifications sometimes consider already collected items.
  • On iOS, the Market might sometimes miss some items when starting the game.
  • During a Brawl battle, the dinosaurs in the Front Row may appear invisible.
  • The Friend list might sometimes appear blank for players with a large number of friends.
  • Video ads can’t be played for free daily incubators.
  • Friendly challenges cannot be started.

A note on data collecting:

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.