Dear Community – Addressing Various Issues

Dear Community – Addressing Various Issues

To our community,

We know these past few weeks have been difficult at times, and we want to begin by acknowledging the issues that have been impacting your game experience. It is never our intention for players to feel disappointed or unsatisfied with the game. On behalf of the entire Jurassic World Alive game team, we sincerely apologize for the less-than-optimal experience you’ve received.

First, we know the Trophy discrepancies between the Alliance Leaderboard and the Event Leaderboard continue to impact some players. While it is purely a visual issue only, we understand how that can be jarring, especially after all the effort and time spent engaging and winning battles. The team is working on a fix for this bug, and we hope to release it soon.

Next, we also want to apologize for the recent uptick in matchmaking disconnection and errors some players may have experienced in the last few weeks. This is linked to our ongoing efforts to enhance the matchmaking infrastructure, during which we have observed intermittent disruptions that affected small groups of players. Note that we are working hard to resolve them as soon as they are noticed. While we aim to resolve these disruptions as soon as we’re alerted, please do continue to reach out and post about matchmaking disconnections if you’re impacted!

Third, we genuinely appreciate your feedback concerning the March 27th rebalancing of Concatoloch! Our original intention was to address the long ‘mirror match’ problems players in battle were experiencing, but we acknowledge that our solution fell short. For that reason, we will be reverting all changes to the Concatoloch later today, and the team will continue exploring new ways of addressing this situation.

And finally, in regard to the Legendary Group Attack bundle that was released on March 24th. This bundle, which provided a generous amount of Hard Cash, was never intended to be released; as such, this bundle will not return to the Store. For players who managed to purchase the offer, please note that we will not be removing any items or resources from your account.

For players who did not get the opportunity to purchase the offer before it was removed, we do sincerely apologize, as we know how it feels to miss out on a great deal – even if it was our mistake! While we know this is likely not the response you hoped to receive, we can confirm that less than 1% of the player population managed to secure this deal, and we are confident that it will not disrupt the overall game experience.

We know that these recent situations have been challenging, and we are doing everything we can to prevent these issues from recurring. We want to thank you all for your constant dedication, patience, and support, and we will continue to strive to provide our players with the best gaming experience, and acknowledge when we fall short.