Update 3.6 Known Issues (Updated 05/14)

Update 3.6 Known Issues (Updated 05/14)

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.6.

The team is currently investigating the following issues:

2024-05-14 UPDATE

The following issues should now be addressed after May 15th, 2024 11:00 AM ET:

  • If you missed it, version 3.6.25 is now available to download. This primarily addresses the aforementioned Raid/Isla Event Boss performance issues, and the change in red/green dot notification behavior.
  • Hydra Boa’s ‘Slippery Alert’ ability should now be behaving correctly.
  • The Dakotaraptor animation issues should be resolved
  • Rest assured that the Raid Invitation issues are still our team’s top priority! The issue is quite complicated, and we want to ensure we get it right when rolling out a fix. Your patience with us is greatly appreciated.

Original Post

  • As previously mentioned, we’re aware of the issues with Stat Boost tokens not being sent to Mailboxes when at the limit.
  • Our team is investigating the green notifications appearing as red and not disappearing after redeeming/viewing the contextual action (e.g., Missions/Collections, etc)
  • We’re investigating PvP opponent Ability Icons not appearing during the battle’s “thinking” phase.
  • We’re investigating reports of issues with Hydra Boa’s ‘Slippery Alert’ ability.
  • We’re aware of animation issues with Dakotaraptor during its counter.
  • “Reduced Healing” effect appearing over Raid bosses.
    • This was part of a test that, unfortunately, went live. However, it is only a visual issue and does not impact the actual battle or boss.
  • Concatosaur’s Nullifying Group Impact not applying to Raids.
    • This is only a visual issue. The intended effect(s) still kick in, but the visual indications associated with it are not working as intended.
  • We’re investigating Raid and Isla Event boss performance issues (freezing/unresponsiveness) that started occurring after 3.6x.
    • This bug is being treated with priority.
  • Though it was already mentioned in the Release Notes, we are working tirelessly to resolve the Raid Invitation issues.

Thank you!