Seasons Relaunch

Seasons Relaunch

Hello fellow DPG members,

We’ve rebuilt PvP Seasons from the ground up with a new League structure on top of the existing arenas, with rewards based on each player’s trophy high score during each Season.


  • 3 new League Arenas:
    • Lockwood Library (5000-5499 trophies*)
    • Gyrosphere (5500-5999 trophies*)
    • Beach (6000+ trophies*)


Every month, we will hold a Season. By default, all players participate in a Season when they play the PvP Battle game mode. Shortly after update 1.8 launches, we will have an initial trophy adjustment and start a Season. After that, all Seasons will start on the first Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays, at which point the Season will commence on the first non-holiday day of the week.


Prizes will be based on the highest score that you have achieved during the Season, rather than your end of Season current score. All players that have participated and have posted a high score of 2500 or higher on the leaderboard will receive a prize at the end of each season. Do your best to get a good high score!

We hope this encourages players to continue playing (getting their Battle Incubators, filling their Daily Battle Incubators, and achieving their Alliance and Daily Missions).

Note that the regular Battle Incubators are still associated with your current Arena, so if your current score demotes your Arena to a lower one, each Battle Incubator that you gain will belong to that (lower) Arena.


At the end of each Season, players who are in the League Arenas (5000 trophies and up) will have their current trophy count adjusted. Conversely, players who are not in the League Arenas will not have their trophies adjusted each Season.

The adjustment brings player’s trophy counts between 5000 and 5499, in order to put everyone back into the first League at every new Season. Players who have a pre-adjustment score closer to 5000 will end up closer to 5000 after the adjustment, while players who have a higher score will be adjusted closer to 5499.

Once your trophy count has been adjusted, your high score matches your (new) current score.


You need to play at least one PvP Battle during a Season in order to post your score to the Leaderboards and be eligible for a prize.