Alliance Championship

Alliance Championship


Alliance Championships builds on top of our existing Tournaments. Each month will bring a new Championship with the potential for exclusive rewards. With Alliance members, earn Alliance Points by participating in weekly Tournaments 2.5k. The more Alliance Points collected at the end of the Championship, the better the reward your Alliance receives.

To enter a Tournament go to the Special Event tab in the Battle Panel of the game and tap the “Play This Event” button to begin registration.

Championships Schedule

  • Championships start on the first Monday of every month. When a Championship ends, players will have until the end of the following Championship to collect their Championship Reward.

Note: When you tap the Tournament button in the Battle screen, a list of Upcoming and Past Tournaments will display. This will help in planning your Championships.

Earning Alliance Points in Tournaments

  • Earn Alliance Points by improving the Tournament Medals High Score.
  • Every time a player’s High Score increases, the Alliance Points will increase by that same amount.
  • Alliance Points are awarded to the player’s current alliance at the time they are earned.
  • Tournament Entry Medals count towards earning Alliance Points, but players must complete at least 1 Tournament battle.

Tournament Multiplier

  • Certain Tournaments will count for more Alliance Points. These Tournaments are identifiable in the List of Tournaments with a “X2” or “X3” in the top left corner.
  • This multiplier affects all Alliance Points earned in this Tournament, including the Participation Bonus.
  • Alliance Points that Entry Medals give in a Tournament that has a multiplier will also be multiplied.


  • Cheaters are removed from each tournament’s Leaderboard and matchmaking. For more information on Cheating and Consequences, please see the following section of the forum: Cheating & Consequences
  • Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged cheaters in PvP battle.

Alliance Points are shared with your Alliance

  • Alliance Points (APs) accumulated are shared with Alliance Members.
  • Players can see how many APs they have earned in the Championship Screen accessed from the Tournaments button.
  • If a player leaves their Alliance to join a new one, the points earned in the old Alliance will not carry over.

Alliance Championship Leaderboards

  • Alliance Championship Leaderboards will show the ranking and number of Alliance Points earned during the championship.
  • There is no reward associated with that Leaderboard.

Participation Bonus

  • Takedowns performed in a Tournament battle increases a meter visible in the Tournament screen.
  • When the meter is full, a base amount of Alliance Points is received.
  • Participation bonus can be earned once for each Tournament.
  • Each Tournament may require a different number of takedowns to complete. This will provide a different amount of Alliance Points.
  • When a player is not in an Alliance when they fill their meter, the Participation Bonus Alliance Points they’ve gathered are not lost.
  • Join an Alliance and complete 1 Tournament battle for the Alliance Points participation bonus to be provided and shared with the Alliance.
  • Only creatures defeated in Tournament battles are counted for the Participation Bonus.


  • Every member of the Alliance wins a Championship Incubator based on the amount of Alliance Points gathered by all members during the Championship.
  • The resources received from the incubator are determined by Player Level.
  • Each Championship has a different theme and will feature different guaranteed creature DNA.