Cheating & Consequences

Cheating & Consequences

With the help of our community, we want to continue building and expanding our game in a fun and fair environment. Here are some guidelines:

Types of cheating

  • Faking your location using apps or hacks (“Spoofing”) is considered cheating. We want you to go out and explore; not spoof to get a high score.
  • Exploiting bugs is considered cheating too; help us make a great game and report bugs.
  • Using 3rd party software and bots is cheating.
  • Hacking the game is cheating.


  • Warnings
  • Removal from the Leaderboard
  • Loss of game support
  • Temporary bans
  • Permanent bans

Note that repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

Remember that you can help by reporting players who aren’t following the guidelines.