Upcoming Ability Interface Improvements (Updated 12/12)

Upcoming Ability Interface Improvements (Updated 12/12)

2023-12-12 UPDATE

While the enhanced Ability Interface provides better descriptive information, we understand that swift decision making in battle is critical.

Following player feedback, we’ve added a new feature to the Ability Interface that should help you make snappier decisions when you’re in the heat of battle with your opponent.

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Improvement #3: Damage Preview (On Self)

You’ll now be able to anticipate your opponent’s strength by previewing the damage of their ability to your dinosaur!

When tapping an opponent’s offensive ability from its interface, the damage preview section will display your current Dinosaur’s card and its projected remaining HP at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that the self-damage preview will be available shortly after our upcoming minor update.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the future!


With new updates come new improvements! Read on to see what’s around the corner in Update 3.3.

Update 3.1 saw important ability description improvements that helped clarify the vast array of their battle effects. In response to feedback, we’re continuing this trend with an all-new ability interface and improvements made to ability icons in our next update!

Improvement #1: New Ability Interface

Abilities will now be displayed in a tappable horizontal list in the lab, with each description appearing as a bulleted list in order to easily and quickly understand their effects. We believe this new interface will help you better navigate through these abilities and prepare you against dinosaurs you may be unfamiliar with. We’ve also added a visual icon for each effect and made subtle changes to the color coding.

Before ➡️ After

Unsure about a particular icon or an effect? Just tap the info button at the top-right of the ability section to display the contextual glossary! Only the highlighted dinosaur’s abilities will be defined in the glossary, so you won’t have to worry about scrolling down pages!

Just like before, the ability’s effects are listed in the sequence they will trigger in battle, so you know exactly what to expect.

This new interface is also available during battle and can be viewed by tapping on any dinosaur in an arena.

This is just the starting line of the thrilling changes we’re rolling out on our new interface, and we can’t wait to share more in the coming updates. Stay tuned!


Improvement #2: Ability Icon Improvements

We’re also refining the design of our ability icons, starting with the new abilities that will be featured in the next update! As we’ll be rolling out these improvements on new abilities, expect to see new icons on existing abilities with slow update rollouts in the future!