Cute Dinosaurs

Cute Dinosaurs

Time to gush over some real cuties! Squeal with glee and participate in events and offers showcasing JWA’s top cuties as voted by the community!

From November 8th to November 14th, Visit Event Supply Drops over the week to collect selected dinosaurs, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator.

A gang of Jurassic World’s cutest creatures guard this week’s special Strike Event reward. Don’t be fooled by their looks; these cuties are ready to break more than your heart!

Stand Trial against some of the cutest creatures in Jurassic World Alive! Destroy their egos with 1 creature that has a Group Attack.

And lastly, be sure to collect up to 25,000 coins during our special themed  Treasure Chase.

Enjoy this beautiful week with those cute dinosaurs!