Hello DPG Members,

We understand that the recent October update and migration away from Google Maps to our new system have had a less-than-smooth rollout. We’ve been closely monitoring your feedback on the new system and wanted to share how the team is working to improve the experience for those negatively impacted.

As mentioned earlier this year, the team has been focused on overhauling the entire technical service of the map — due to the deprecation of the Google Maps services for gaming, which Jurassic World Alive was created on. Without this service, the geolocation component of the game would not work and is essential to maintain the game. Migrating the existing map has been one of the largest and most significant projects our team has undertaken over the last 18 months. The team has gone through many iterations to mimic and replicate the previous map experience as much as possible, but we are aware that the experience greatly differs for each player.

We understand how important the geolocation and dinosaur hunting experience is to the community, and we are diligently working to rebalance the map and points distribution to return the game close to what it was prior to the migration.

We are coordinating closely with our new partner, Mapbox, to gather valuable feedback from the community in an effort to improve our map experience. Your feedback has allowed us to investigate instances of empty and near-empty maps, as well as inaccessible dino spawns and events, especially from those in rural areas. With the Mapbox team, we are investigating all avenues to repopulate these empty maps as quickly as possible. As we work through all solutions and reporting options, we will keep you updated on our progress.

Additionally, the team is working on ongoing map improvements and optimizations for players experiencing a lower distribution of dinosaurs and events. We will continue to adjust our parameters incrementally to replicate the previous map experience and will continue to rely on your feedback.

We have also identified the improvements required to reduce the cluster of events overlapping each other, currently making it difficult to interact with the event you tap on. The team is actively working on that pesky bug, and we will have an update for it very soon.

Finally, we are aware of the ongoing empty map load issues that have happened on and off, as some may have experienced on 10/29 and 11/02. Several teams are investigating the root cause in order to resolve this. In the meantime, we are putting additional safeguards and alert systems in place to address the community quicker if it happens again.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience as we work to provide a great experience to all our players.


– The Jurassic World Alive team