Winter Dinosaurs

Winter Dinosaurs

Hurry in from the cold! While warming up, why not pass the time by participating in the first of our two-week event and offers — showcasing our most winterific dinosaurs! These dinos sure know how to keep the heat!

From December 13th to December 19th, visit Event Supply Drops over the week to collect these creatures, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator.

Take on wintery creatures in our special Snowy Strike Event! Can you brave the cold long enough to gain a special holiday reward?

Take on Cenozoic creatures in our special Winter Trial! Bring 1 Shield destroyer, 1 Distraction artist, and 1 Swap-In specialist to qualify.

And lastly, be sure to collect Coins, Speed Boosts, and more rewards during our special themed Holiday Chase. You might even collect a special Emote if you’re lucky!

Are you ready for a week full of Holiday festivities? 🎄