Map Event Distribution – Reporting Empty Maps, Missing Points and Modifying Points

Map Event Distribution – Reporting Empty Maps, Missing Points and Modifying Points

Hello DPG Members,

With the technical migration of our map provider from Google Maps to Mapbox, we understand that the map event distribution for some players was impacted.

As we continue to make ongoing adjustments to help improve the map experience for all Jurassic World Alive players, you can now submit a report for empty maps or missing points.

Additionally, you may use this form to report points you believe need to be removed or modified from their current location.

Using the form below, please include the following information for the teams to analyze and provide the best possible experience for all players.


  • Location Latitude and Longitude: These numerical GPS coordinates are what the game looks at when analyzing and populating event points. Latitude and longitude coordinates can be generated by using a free service like GPS Please share the Lat,Long coordinates exactly as they are generated.
  • City, State/Province, Country: Please include as much information as possible for the team to analyze surrounding areas to improve map event distributions.
  • Reason for Request: To best understand and classify the reason for the request, please choose one of the four options in the dropdown list.
  • Describe your Problem: Please provide as detailed a response as possible.

While not required, we also strongly recommend including screenshots from in-game, as it can provide additional context about the map distribution.

Please note that immediate action will not occur after submitting the form, and modifications to the map will be deployed slowly over time.

We truly appreciate your help and support in improving the map experience with us!