Important Omega Changes

Important Omega Changes

Omegas first roamed our world a few months ago and have since established their prominence in Jurassic World Alive. Since then, more Omegas have been discovered along with unique features – such as the Training Points – setting them apart from other dinosaurs.

That being said, we’ve also received insightful feedback concerning the various challenges many players have encountered with these new species.

In the next update, we’ll be rolling out exciting changes to Omegas that will definitely improve their accessibility for all dinosaur collectors and trainers. Find out more below!

More Omegas on the Map + More Attempts!

We know many players found encountering and adopting Omegas challenging due to their heavy investment and scarce presence in their area.

With these incoming changes, expect to see more Omegas in the wild as they’ll spawn more frequently on the map! This means more opportunities to dart their DNA, level them up, and include them in your roster!

You might’ve also noticed that Omegas in the wild no longer share their darting limit. That’s right! Omegas in the wild now exclusively have their own darting limit – which means you can dart more of them without worrying about maxing out your attempts on other Omegas!

Starting this next update, Omega’s weekly darting limits will also increase! Make sure to check out the best time and activate your Creature Tracker to hunt them as often as you can!

More Omega DNA Rewarded in Successful Darts!

In this next update, the amount of Omega DNA rewarded per successful dart will be increased.

If you’re a sharpshooter on the drone, hitting the bullseye will net you twice as much Omega DNA than before – so make sure to try your best to perfectly dart them for additional DNA!

Omega Scents

Omega Scents are coming to Jurassic World Alive in the next update! Use this synthesized scent to draw Omegas towards you in the Map! This item will also guarantee* you at least one Omega encounter, so make sure to use it to bolster your Omega roster!

* As our team is still investigating the Map Event Distribution issue affecting certain players, we strongly advise using the Scent in an area that has Dinosaurs confirmed spawning. Thank you for your understanding!

More Omega DNA in Events!

Our in-game events have always pushed our players to aim for the top, and we believe they deserve the rewards that come with it. Therefore, we’ll also increase the amount of Omega DNA rewarded for completing challenging events, such as Seasonal PVPs, Isla Events, and Alliance Championships!

Coming Soon: Omega-Themed Login Calendar

To celebrate these changes, we’ll also be releasing an Omega-themed login calendar close to the next update release! Make sure to login daily to claim more than 4000 Toro DNA, Omega scents, and more items to bring your Omega game to the next level.

That’s all we have to announce today! We hope these improvements will motivate you to dart and level up your Omegas. Rest assured you will hear more about Omegas in the coming updates! Stay tuned for more!