Introducing Apex Enhancements & More

Introducing Apex Enhancements & More

It has been more than a year since we’ve last seen new Apexes in Jurassic World Alive. For Update 3.3, we’re not only bringing a new Apex but also introducing the Enhancement system to this rarity and significant improvements that will increase their accessibility in the game!

Apex Enhancements!

Get ready to take your Apex dinosaurs to the next level with Apex Enhancements!

To kick off Update 3.3, 6 Apexes will have dedicated Enhancement tracks that will lead to powerful Reactive Abilities!
Can’t wait until the update to discover the Enhancements?

Read on below to find out more!

Ankylos Lux

At end of turn (if shield destroyed) Target Self: Heal 15% of max HP.


Mortem rex

At end of turn (if enemy has been KO’ed during this turn) Target Self: Heal 150% Damage Stat.


Haast Maximus

After each action phase (if dodge is active)
Target Self: Increase Damage 20% 2 turns, 2 attacks.
Target opponent: Reduce Damage 20% 2 turns.



At end of turn (if opponent’s shield destroyed) Target Self: Increase Speed 25% 2 turns. Heal 15% max HP.



At start of turn (if opponent shielded)
Target Opponent: Destroy Shields



At end of turn (if currently fielded opponent HP 10% or less) Target Self: Cleanse Damage reduction. Target current lowest HP opponent: Destroy Shields. Attack 10450, bypassing Armor, Dodge.

Just like Uniques, Enhancement tracks will only appear once you reach the max level of an eligible Apex.

From there, gather the right Catalysts, DNA, and Coins to upgrade your Enhancement level and power up your Apex dinosaur!

A yellow arrow will also display on the Enhancement Level indicator once you gather all the necessary resources to upgrade your Apex with the shown stats!

As we roll out these new Apex Enhancements, we’ll closely monitor their performance in Battle to make sure they suit their intended niche. As we do, we’ll also ensure Uniques at Enhancement Level 5 remain competitive and offer a significant challenge to these interlopers!

  • Will there be more Apexes with Enhancement tracks?
    • Yes, the remaining Apexes will receive Enhancements in later updates.
  • Will all Apexes have the same Enhancement track?
    • All Apexes will share the same Enhancement track, except for their Reactive Abilities (Level 5), as outlined in the Reactive Abilities section above.
  • What are the Enhancement track’s stats upgrades?
    • The Apex Enhancement track will be as follows:
Apex Enhancement Level Stats Upgrade
Level 1 +2 Speed
Level 2 +10% HP
Level 3 +2 Stat Boost Slot
Level 4 +10% Attack
Level 5 Reactive Ability

More Apex DNA in Events!

To celebrate Apex Enhancements, expect more opportunities to collect Apex DNA and Catalysts in various events, starting next update!

Keep your eyes peeled for events — such as Battle Passes and Isla Assaults — rewarding Apex DNA!

And what would be an Apex without its lineage? Look out for more Dino DNA from different Apexes genealogies in Events and Missions to further level them up!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Apex-themed login calendar. Make sure to login daily to claim Mortem Rex DNA and Catalysts that will help raise an Apex Enhancement Level!

Feeling for more? Visit the Market post-update to find Exclusive Catalyst Booster Packs available for a limited time!

We know Apexes are truly challenging to unlock.

Thus, we’re confident these improvements will pave a smoother path to unlock Apexes faster so that you can take advantage of the new Enhancement feature — and ultimately bolster your team to the next level!