Update 3.4

Update 3.4

Release 3.4: The Apex Awakening Update!

Update 3.4 brings new dinosaurs, features, and more to Jurassic World Alive!

With the release of 3.4, we’re trying a new, more streamlined Release Notes format! We’re always working to make release information more digestible and reduce communication errors. Watch out for more improvements and detailed information on these features coming out soon!

What’s New?

Can’t make it outside to play? We’re launching a new gameplay mode that allows you to capture dinosaurs and access events on the Map without having to have your GPS turned on! Find out more here!

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Sah Panthera


Draco Lux



The following creatures now have Enhancement tracks!

  • Alacranix
  • Gorgotrebax
  • Ceramagnus
  • Geminideus
  • Refrenantem
  • Imperatosuchus
  • Indonemys
  • Hadros Lux
  • Hydra Boa
  • Pteranokyrie

What’s Improved?


One of the oldest creatures in Jurassic World Alive, this hadrosaur has learned some new tricks from its Omega sister and intends to use them in early Arenas and Common skill tournaments.


  • Targeted Cleansing Strike becomes Protect the Herd.
  • Greater Emergency Heal becomes Sheltering Impact.


  • Health: 4350 to 4950
  • Attack: 1150 to 1200



A creature that time forgot is getting an update to match the power of newer creatures.


  • Group Ferocity Strike becomes Group Resilient Impact.
  • Group Taunting Shield Impact becomes Dig In Taunt.
  • Ferocious Strike added.


  • Health: 3600 to 4500
  • Attack: 1000 to 1200
  • Speed: 109 to 116
  • Critical Change: 5% to 15%
  • Critical Damage: 125% to 150%


  • Damage Reduction: 0% to 100%



Spinotasuchus has been underperforming and is a little slower than the average Legendary. While it does not gain direct Speed improvements, it has become faster and tougher in other ways.


  • Minor Swoop becomes Cleansing Swoop


  • Health: 3750 to 4000
  • Attack: 1000 to 1150


  • Stun Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Speed Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Vulnerable Resistance: 0% to 25%



The master of resistance has been around for quite some time. With a much larger health pool and new abilities, it should start shining in the arena.


  • Distracting Impact replaced with Instant Group Distraction Impact
  • Defense Shattering Strike becomes Fierce Strike.
  • Nullifying Impact becomes Magna Impact.
  • New Reactive ability is now as follows: At end of turn (if opponent damage reduced) Target Self: Increase Damage 25% 2 turns, 2 attacks.


  • Health: 3900 to 4800



The world was not ready for this hybrid when it was first released. Now that Jurassic World has caught up, it’s time for it to dig a little deeper and muster the attack power necessary to keep its place in the Arenas.


  • Delayed Rampage and Run becomes Devastate and Run.


  • Health: 4200 to 4500
  • Attack: 1200 to 1500



We have given Tuoramoloch a little boost to make it more useful in Raids.


  • Group Heal to Group Resilient Impact.
  • Group Acceleration now hits for 1.5x damage (up from 1x.)
  • Greater Emergency Heal becomes Shielded Double Heal.
  • Reactive now does “If Speed is increased, heal team by 15% of maximum Health.”


  • Health: 4200 to 4380
  • Attack: 1500 to 1600
  • Armor: 0% to 5%



The ever-lasting gator’s hunting strategies have been outdated, and once again, life must find a way. And it has, with the following changes to Grypolyth that should allow it to compete in the current landscape.


  • Ferocious Defense now has Priority and a Damage over Time for 34% of Max Health for 2 turns.
  • Swap In Invincibility added.
  • Immobilize now hits for 1.5x.
  • No Escape Strike added.


  • Health: 4200 to 4380
  • Attack: 1250 to 1400


  • Damage over Time Resistance: 0% to 33%
  • Stun Resistance: 75% to 100%
  • Rend Resistance: 0% to 75%



This hadrosaur-tyrannosaur hybrid needed an update to keep the ferocious and protective aspects of both its ingredients.


Defense Shattering Rampage to Group Shattering Rampage.
Distracting Team Heal added.


  • Health: 4500 to 4750
  • Speed: 109 to 117
  • Armor: 0% to 15%


  • Damage over Time Resistance: 0% to 50%
  • Damage Reduction Resistance: 0% to 50%



When this creature first appeared, we believed it would carve itself a niche in Raids. It has had trouble keeping that niche but with the following changes… it’s “bax”.


  • Revenge Nullifying Rampage has been improved (see Abilities Updates section for details)
  • Group Instant Distraction becomes Revenge Group Disabling Impact.
  • Distracting Counter added.


  • Health: 4500 to 4800
  • Armor: 0% to 5%



Using its size, the Ceramagnus will now have a way to smack around the pesky little flocks that bother it.


  • Resilient Strike becomes Group Resilient Strike.


Hadros Lux

This bioluminescent hadrosaur has been struggling in high-tier combat. With these changes, it should perform far better in the Arenas.


  • Decelerating Impact becomes Shielded Decelerating Impact.
  • Rampage becomes Resilient Rampage.
  • Resilient Strike to Protective Advance.


  • Attack:1350 to 1450
  • Armor: 0% to 10%



This aerial menace has been terrorizing the arenas for quite some time, so we had to restrain it slightly.


  • Swap In Ferocious Strike’s Damage Increase component has been changed from 50% to 34%.


  • Attack: 1550 to 1450

Revenge Nullifying Rampage

Revenge Nullifying Rampage has the following changes:

  • Delay of 0 when Revenge is not active.
  • Cooldown of 1 when Revenge is active


Swap In Ferocious Strike

Swap In Ferocious Strike now increases damage by 33%, down from 50%.


Ferocious Defense now does the following:

  • Priority added.
  • Damage over Time 33% for 2 turns, targeting the Highest Health opponent.

What’s Fixed?

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for 3.4! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • The creature interaction area was improved so the surrounding map items are not blocked.
  • Mortem Rex Animation for Roar and Fierce Rampage are fixed.
  • Tooltip stats should update properly when buffs end.


We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • iOS users may not receive raid invites if sent via an Android device.
  • Short-Range dinosaurs are not spawning on the Map.
  • Map Event Distribution impacted for some players.
  • Friendly challenges cannot be started.
  • Video ads can’t be played for free daily incubators.
  • Players reported that the creatures they were tracking eventually showed the wrong info and caused a crash.
  • Character sheets fail to reflect the darting availability of day-specific creatures.
  • Markers are not saved after closing the app.

A note on data collecting:

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.