GPS-less Play

GPS-less Play

Can’t make it outside to play? We’ll be launching a new gameplay mode that will allow you to capture dinosaurs and access events on the Map without turning your GPS on!

Head to your Settings Menu and tap the Real Map Enabled button. When this button is turned OFF, you’ll be transported to a special area of the Map crawling with dinosaurs!

Here, you’ll be able to drone them, open Supply Drops, and visit other Map events without walking!

Your GPS-less location will depend on the continent where you first activated the feature.

Here are the locations where you’ll be teleported:

  • Los Angeles (North America)
  • Rio de Janeiro (South America)
  • Paris (Europe)
  • Sydney (Oceania)
  • Cairo (Africa)
  • Tokyo (Asia)

Noticing an event that isn’t in your radius? You can always turn your GPS back on to return to regular exploring and find the event on the real map!

We hope this new feature will motivate players to continue hunting for dinosaurs — whether they cannot go outside or only have a few events in their area!