Update 3.0.30 Known Issues *UPDATED*

Update 3.0.30 Known Issues *UPDATED*

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.0.30.

2023-07-26 UPDATE

Version 3.0.33 has been released as an optional download. However, players will be required to update to this version in a few days to continue playing the game. This version addresses the following issues:

  • Players should be able to scroll past the Top 100 players in the Leaderboards.
  • Megalania’s rarity aura VFX will display as Omega.
  • The visual DNA costs for Megalania’s abilities will be fixed (initial issue mentioned here.)


2023-07-05 UPDATE

  • If you’ve not seen it already, we have an update regarding the June 30th Tournament DNA rewards issue.
  • The Savage Pass was missing Stat Boost Tokens. This was resolved as of 2023-07-05 2:00 PM ET.
  • Our team is currently investigating reports of players experiencing difficulties sending and receiving Raid invitations.


2023-06-30 UPDATE

  • The team has identified the issue causing the inability to see the Tournament Leaderboard rankings after the latest update.
    • It will be fixed in the next update.
  • The Alliance Missions Requirements have been changed back to the correct values.


2023-06-27 UPDATE

  • The issue regarding the Recombination timer/menu should have been fixed with today’s maintenance.
  • The team is aware of the inability to see the Tournament Leaderboard rankings after the latest update.
    • This is just a visual issue, as Tournament progression is still being counted and tracked, and Tournament rewards can still be collected when available.
  • We are aware the Alliance Missions are still not progressing. The team is continuing to investigate the issue.
    • For compensation for this week, we will be resending the Tier 10 rewards to all players once more. The mails will be sent out June 27th, 2023 4:00 PM ET and will expire after 14 days from the delivery point.
    • We once more kindly ask that players refrain from contacting support regarding this issue.
  • We are investigating the issue with Group Decelerating Strike’s cooldown.
  • We are investigating Notched devices having the countdown timer overlay the reticle during Drone sessions.
  • We are aware of sprite text appearing when collecting the Daily Mission reward.
  • We are aware some Alliance Mission rewards unintentionally changed and are working on a fix.
  • We are aware of Beelzebufo missing textures in Sanctuaries (appearing all white)
  • We are investigating Pounce and Bite’s description discrepancy.
  • We are investigating Dragon Flight’s heal discrepancies.
  • We are investigating Brace’s buff duration discrepancies.



The team is currently investigating the following reported issues:

Mentioned in the Release Notes:

  • Players may experience issues starting a friendly battle.
  • During a raid session, the game can switch to landscape mode on some devices—causing UI issues.
    • This is not intended, as the game is supposed to stay in portrait mode.
  • Tooltip stats information is not updated as soon as their associated buff/debuff has ended.
  • Players may sometimes experience issues while trying to play the Daily Incubator Video Ad.
  • Players may rarely experience issues — including an application crash — when interacting with the Creature Tracker.
  • The icon for Tyrannometrodon’s Reactive Passive ability does not match its effect.
  • The Creature card on the Rewards collected screen is instead showing a localization string.
  • The New stat Critical Damage will overlap in a Raid Boss’ Tooltip

Newly Reported Issues:

  • Players cannot progress with their Alliance Missions.
    • This issue should be resolved when the new set of Alliance Missions appear starting June 26th.
    • To compensate for this issue, we will be sending all players this week’s Tier 10 Alliance Mission Rewards. The rewards will be sent via in-game Mail at 2023-06-20 1:00 PM ET. Players will have 14 days to collect the mail before it expires.
    • We kindly ask that players do not write to support regarding this issue.
  • Yuxisaurus and Fukuiraptor appear as Event Exclusives in the Lab.
    • For Fukuiraptor, this is a visual issue. This dinosaur is intended to and currently spawning in the wild.
    • For Yuxisaurus, this was an unintended omission from the Release Notes. This dinosaur will be available to hunt in the wild starting July 12th, 2023. We deeply apologize for this omission and will be updating the Release Notes as soon as possible.
  • Fukuiraptor cannot be tracked in the Creature Tracker.
    • This issue should be resolved as of June 21st, 2023 11:00 AM ET
  • Players are unable to use the recombination menu following the update
    • This issue is being actively investigated with priority. We will update this post once the investigation is concluded.
  • Players cannot scroll through the Alliance Mission contributors list.
    • This issue should be resolved following the next update.