Update 3.0.30

Update 3.0.30

Release 3.0.30: The 30th Anniversary Update!

Update 3.0.30 brings new Omega Creatures, Omega Training, a new creature Stat and more to Jurassic World Alive!

What’s New?

New Feature: Omega Training

When evolving any Omega creature, players will receive Training Points for that creature. With these points, players can customize their Omega creature’s Stats! Choose the Stat you want to upgrade, and add Training Points to increase it!

The Training menu is accessed from the Enhancements section of each Omega creature in the Lab. Players can decide to increase their creature’s stats in any order they wish. They can even reset their Points to try different builds!

Although this makes creatures more customizable than ever, each Omega creature also has limits to the Stats you can apply in each column. Start applying Training Points to train your creature and learn more!

Already released Omega creatures will not be reset, but their Stats gained through Evolution will be converted into Training Points. This means players who have already Evolved these creatures can use the Training Points to customize them as they see fit!

Clever GirlOmega

An ambush hunter, this Velociraptor has been known to work with pack-mates posing as bait to take out its (sometimes human) prey!

  • Clever Girl is a Cunning, High Damage Dodger.



CLEVER COUNTER (Unlock: Creature Level 6)

EVASIVE HUNT (Unlock: Creature Level 11)

HUNT ON ESCAPE (Unlock: Creature Level 16)

CAUTIOUS DOUBLE IMPACT (Unlock: Creature Level 21)



Discovered in the Fukui prefecture of Japan, Fukuiraptor is a member of the enigmatic clade ‘Megaraptora.’ These are a group of medium theropods resembling both large carnivores like tyrannosaurids and the smaller, more slender raptors.

  • Fukuiraptor is a Cunning and Resilient Cannon.



ANTICIPATION (Unlock: Creature Level 6)

PERSISTENT COUNTER (Unlock: Creature Level 11)

EVASIVE IMPACT (Unlock: Creature Level 16)

DIG IN ON ESCAPE (Unlock: Creature Level 21)



Yuxisaurus means ‘Yuxi lizard,’ named for the Yuxi locality of China where its fossils were found. Discovery of the Yuxisaurus in 2021 proved the presence of the armored ornithischian dinosaurs ‘thyreophora’ in Asia!

Yuxisaurus is a Fierce and Resilient Defensive Wounder.



PAYBACK RAMPAGE (Unlock: Creature Level 6)

LESSER WOUNDING COUNTER (Unlock: Creature Level 11)

DIG IN ON ESCAPE (Unlock: Creature Level 16)

SPIKED PROTECTION (Unlock Creature Level 21)


Target highest Damage: Attack 1.33x. Reduce Damage 50% 4 attacks, 2 turns. Target Self: Increase Critical Chance 25% 4 attacks, 2 turns.
Cooldown: 1.


When receiving and surviving damage, remove attacker Dodge and Cloak. Reduce Speed 50%, 1 turn.


Target all opponents: Attack 1x, bypassing Armor. DoT 10% max HP 4 attacks, 2 turns.
Target Self: Increase Armor 10%, 4 attacks, 2 turns.


Act Last.
Target highest HP: Attack 2x.
Target Self: Heal 1x Damage stat. Increase Armor 50% 4 attacks, 2 turns. Cannot Swap next turn.
Cooldown: 2.


Target opponent with most positive effects: Afflict all resistances 25%, lasting 2 turns. DoT 20% 6 attacks 3 turns.
Target Self: 50% Shield 4 attacks, 2 turns. Increase Armor 25% 4 attacks, 2 turns.
Cooldown: 2.


When receiving and surviving damage, DoT attacker 20% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Vulnerable 4 attacks, 2 turns.


Target Self: Heal 1x Damage stat. Increase Speed 2 attacks, 2 turns. Increase Shield 50% 8 attacks, 1 turn. Cleanse.


Target Self: 75% Chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage 4 attacks, 2 turns. Increase Armor 50% 2 attacks, 1 turn.
Cooldown: 1.


Target all opponents: Attack 1.5x.
Target Team and Self: 75% Chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage 4 attacks, 2 turns. Cleanse Vulnerability, Damage, and Speed decreases.


Target highest Damage opponent: Afflict all resistance 50% 4 attack(s). 2 turn(s).
Reduce Damage 100% 2 attack(s), 1 turn(s).
Cooldown: 2


Target opponent with most positive effects: Afflict all resistance 15% 4 attack(s), 2 turn(s). Attack 2, bypassing Dodge.
Cooldown: 1.


Target current lowest HP opponent: Attack 1.5x. Reduce Damage 50% 2 attack(s), 1 turn(s).
Cooldown: 1.


Target current lowest HP opponent: Attack 1.25x

With the release of Training Points, we’re also adding a new Stat to the fray: Critical Damage!
The Critical Damage Stat indicates the percentage of damage a creature will deal with a Critical hit. For instance, with a Critical Damage Stat of 125%, a creature will deal 125% of its Basic Damage on a Critical hit. The Critical Damage Stat Icon sits beside the Critical Chance Icon to the right.

This stat will be available for all creatures in your Collection. It is also available for Training with Omega creatures!

  • Megalosuchus will re-enter Raids starting Friday, June 23rd!
  • Find the Omegas Yuxisaurus and Fukuiraptor by exploring on the Map!
  • Find the Omega Clever Girl in exclusive Events!

What’s Improved?

We’ve rebuilt the Alliance interface to streamline your Alliance activities!

Tap on the new Alliance Hub button in the bottom right of your screen. This button replaces the existing Social button. Friends and Recruits will now move out of Social and into their own button on the Map, directly below the Pass button in the top right corner.

From the Alliance Hub, players can now access Alliance Missions, Championships, Donations, Sanctuaries, and Chat all in one easy interface! Donations have also been separated from Chat and have their own menu. These changes will make it easier for players to maximize all their rewards for participating in Alliances.

Watch out for more awesome changes to Alliances coming soon!


Albertospinos’s Reactive passive was a little too slow to be effective against its opponents. We’re updating this Reactive ability to make it more impactful.


  • Reactive: At start of turn (if damage reduced) Self: increase Speed 25% and Damage 15% 2 attacks, 1 turn



This super-hybrid snake has been starved of attention (and other creatures) for quite some time now. With the introduction of the Affliction mechanic, its debuffs should land more consistently and be more powerful when they do. We also gave it a little health buff.


  • Precise Rampage becomes Precise Afflicting Rampage.
  • Instant Distraction becomes Instant Afflicting Distraction.


  • HP: 4200 to 4500

Some Reactive Ability descriptions have been revised to better communicate their behavior. Reactive abilities that previously used the term ‘during action phase’ to indicate their period of effect now use the term ‘After each action phase,’ which better represents their timing. No change has been made to the actual behavior of these abilities; this is only a textual change!

What’s Fixed?

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for 3.0.30! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Dracoceratosaurus’ Prestige ability is properly tied to its appropriate prestige’s unlock step.
  • The JP 30th Anniversary Gate no longer blocks its Supply Drop spinning.
  • Leveling up an Omega creature may cause some issues with the display Creature page.
    • The page should come back to normal once you leave and re-enter it.
  • Visual of DNA spent on Omega and Prestige unlocks is immediately deducted.
  • The centering of total DNA values during gameplay has been fixed on notched devices.
  • Compsoraptor’s Playful Pounce dodge behavior has been fixed and now correctly lasts 1 turn.
  • Some creatures showed having 99+ skins. This issue has now been fixed.


We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • Players may experience issues starting a friendly battle.
  • During a raid session, the game can switch to landscape mode on some devices—causing UI issues.
    • This is not intended, as the game is supposed to stay in portrait mode.
  • Tooltip stats information is not updated as soon as their associated buff/debuff has ended.
  • Players may sometimes experience issues while trying to play the Daily Incubator Video Ad.
  • Players may rarely experience issues including an application crash when interacting with the Creature Tracker.
  • The icon for Tyrannometrodon’s Reactive Passive ability does not match its effect.
  • The Creature card on the Rewards collected screen is instead showing a localization string.
  • The New stat Critical Damage will overlap in a Raid Boss’ Tooltip.

A note on data collecting:

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.