Omegas – A Few Clarifications

Omegas – A Few Clarifications

To our community,

With the release of update 3.0.0 on May 30, we introduced a whole new dinosaur collection called Omegas. In our excitement to share these dinosaurs with you, we created a primer FAQ. We completely understand your concerns and disappointment with your first Omega interaction and apologize for not providing more information upfront.

Based on your feedback today with the first Omega in the wild, we’ve realized that we should have provided more visibility on how these new creatures will work, as they will not follow the same distribution rules as the rest of the collection.

As the newest creatures to launch in the last six months, Omega DNA distribution has always been planned to be one of incremental growth based on player feedback and interaction with the feature. Omegas will be a core tenant in the game moving forward, and we wanted to be cautious with the initial distribution before adjusting upwards.

With your feedback in mind and after careful consideration, we will be removing the daily darting limit for Omegas for the time being. This will provide more flexibility for players to find and dart these new creatures and plan their playing time as needed.

As new Omega creatures continue to get introduced in the coming months, we will be closely monitoring their progress and usage. We will remain flexible and adjust limits on distribution when needed in order to maintain balance across battle and PvP.

As of 11 AM ET on June 1st, the daily limit on Omegas will be removed. Additionally, the weekly Omega limits will also be increased.

Additionally, throughout June and going forward permanently, Omegas will be available across the entire game and will not be exclusive to the map. They will be part of Isla Events, themed Event Supply Drops, the Pass, and much more!

We appreciate your passionate feedback on the Omega Creatures and understand that you’re excited about this new feature. As always, we strive to provide the best Jurassic World Alive experience to all players!