Omegas Explained

Omegas Explained

Hey DPG members,

With our latest 3.0.0 release, Omega creatures are officially entering your world! Read on for more information about these new dinosaurs.

All Omega creatures are based on real life dinosaur discoveries. This new type of dinosaurs will fall within the Unique and Apex rarities once leveled up to their full potential.

The Omega release introduces a new way of leveling up your team. Rather than a creature remaining fixed in one rarity, these new creatures will scale their abilities over time as they are evolved with Coins and DNA.

Once an Omega is unlocked in the Lab at level 1, its health stats and abilities will be equivalent to a Common creature at the same level. As the creature levels up, it can then be upgraded to the next equivalent rarity with impacts to its health and abilities stats, and special attacks.

Omegas will appear in-game much like any other creature. Omegas can be discovered through the map, weekly events, PvP battles, and more! These creatures are available at all player levels.

All Omega creatures will begin at Level 1 once unlocked in the Lab. Just like other creatures, players will need to collect enough creature DNA and use coins to evolve it.

As the creature reaches Level 6, players will be able to upgrade to the next equivalent rarity. Upgrade opportunities will be available every 5 levels, similar to the starting levels of the fixed rarities.

With every upgrade, Omegas will have the opportunity to unlock new abilities. Up to 2 new abilities will be available per upgrade. The new abilities are visible even when still locked, and you can preview them to see their description. It will cost additional DNA to unlock the ability.

Since Omegas do not have a fixed rarity, they can be brought into any event even if there is a rarity restriction! Omega creatures will automatically have their health and abilities scaled to match the highest rarity allowed in the event.

Unless explicitly specified, Omegas will be eligible for all battle events. Some abilities may be temporarily deactivated when participating in an event with rarity restrictions.