Update 3.0 Known Issues

Update 3.0 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.0.

The team is currently investigating the following reported issues:

Mentioned in the Release Notes:

  • The visual effect on the Goring Charge ability (Styracosaurus Lux) has been fixed.
  • Further fixes were made concerning the Sorting and Filtering options in the collection screen.
  • Fixed an issue wrongly displaying some creatures at level 26 in a player’s collection after participating in a skill tournament.
  • Rexy’s Dominant Roar behavior was adjusted to properly reflect the design intention.
  • Dracovenator’s Frustrating Impact’s description now properly reflects its behavior.

Newly Reported Issues:

  • At the launch of 3.0, some players reported their Trophy balances had been reduced/changed and or the Season Rewards were incorrect. This was fixed as of Tuesday 12:45 PM ET.
  • Albertosaurus and Allosaurus GEN 2’s ‘Where to Find’ Info mentions them being available in the wild and or they are available to track in the Creature Tracker.
    • This is a visual error. These dinosaurs are indeed still Event Exclusive.
  • Supply Drops that spawn atop the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Gates cannot be tapped on/spun
    • Please note that as of June 1st 11:00 AM ET, we have replaced most of these Strike Events with a different visual. The exception will be the Epic Strike Events scheduled throughout the upcoming weeks (not the Epic Trials though, they will retain their usual default visual).
    • If during the scheduled event you come across the Epic Strike Event with the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Gate, we recommend tapping on the Supply Drops that spawn adjacent to it instead. The Supply Drop that spawns above the Epic Strike Event will still remain inaccessible while we continue to investigate the issue. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.


2023-06-02 UPDATE

  • Our team has become aware that the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Scent is not providing Guaranteed Rare Spawns. This issue should be fixed as of 2023-06-07 11:00 AM ET
  • If you have the Scent in your inventory, we recommend holding onto it until the fix goes live at the given date.
  • If you’ve already utilized the scent, rest assured that all players will be receiving 1 free 30th Anniversary Scent as of 2023-06-07 11:00 AM ET via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 7 days from the point of delivery.
  • We kindly ask that players do not write to support regarding this issue.

Thank you!