Update 3.4 Known Issues (Updated 01/31)

Update 3.4 Known Issues (Updated 01/31)

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.4.

The team is currently investigating the following issues:

2024-01-31 UPDATE


  • Version 3.4.32 has released as an optional download. This version should no longer prevent Android players from logging in via Facebook


  • Tenontosaurus’ animation doesn’t play when feeding it in a Sanctuary
  • We’re investigating the Isla Event menu appearing instead of the Map when using GPS-less mode.
  • Gigantspinosaurus’ texture is not polished as usual.
    • We can confirm that it will be fixed next update.
  • We’re still investigating occasional reports of flying dinosaurs flying animation going backwards.
    • Rebooting the app should resolve it

Thank you!


  • Players were reporting the Raid Schedule had changed and or Raid Bosses were missing – this has been fixed.
  • Players were reporting freezing/crashes when viewing the 3 Hour Battle Incubator from PvP – this has been fixed.
  • Tuoramoloch’s rebalancing changes were not applied
    • This was a Release Notes error. The Release Notes have been updated.
  • Magnapyritor’s final Reactive ability was rebalanced.
    • This was a Release Notes error. We will be updating the Release Notes. The New Reactive ability is as follows:
      • At end of turn (if opponent damage reduced) Target Self: Increase Damage 25% 2 turns, 2 attacks.


  • Players are reporting connection errors when attempting to log in via Facebook
    • This seems to be isolated to Android devices, and it primarily seems only to occur if the Facebook credentials were inputted via Web browser instead of the Facebook app. Logging in via the Facebook app does not seem to create an issue.
  • Short-Range dinosaurs not spawning on the Map.
  • Map Event Distribution impacted for some players.
  • Epic Pyroraptor is missing its Rarity glow when on the map.
  • Swap-In Icons appear to be missing from Ardontognathus and Giganyx when viewing their abilities.
  • Shortly before the update, players were reporting occasional blank maps, particularly around the change of event time (15:00 UTC).
    • This is related to our map system servers, and we are working on further stabilizing and diagnosing the cause of the partial outages.
  • Players are reporting occasional freezing when viewing a dino profile via the Creature Tracker. We are investigating this.
  • iOS users may not receive raid invites if sent via an Android device.

Thank you!