Update 3.2 Known Issues (Updated 10/24)

Update 3.2 Known Issues (Updated 10/24)

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.2.

The team is currently investigating the following issues:

2023-10-24 UPDATE 

  • As mentioned in our previous post, certain players have had issues logging into the game due to server connectivity issues since October 21st.
    • Though this issue has been addressed, we’re currently working on a fix for players still stuck at the Login Screen – which should be released shortly.
  • We’re investigating the Alliance Mission Screen not displaying information.
    • We can confirm Mission progress is still being counted; only the UI has display issues.


2023-10-23 UPDATE #2

  • As previously mentioned, we’ve released 3.2.32 as an optional download.
    • This update should improve the overall map experience for most players – particularly those with little to no POIs on the map.
    • This update should also address the discrepancy with Pantherator’s new Reactive Ability
    • Lastly, it should resolve the issue with the Camera remaining stuck on flying Flock dinos.
  • We’re also aware that certain players are unable to log in to the game.
    • Our team is currently investigating this issue as a priority.

2023-10-18 UPDATE #2

  • The Pantherator’s Piercing Counter Nullification has been fixed and should counter-attack as intended.
    • Players only need to refresh their game session to see the changes.
  • We’re investigating Sanctuary actions that aren’t being tracked for Alliance Mission requirements.

2023-10-18 UPDATE

  • If you haven’t already, please read our post on the current state of the Map and our efforts to improve distribution.
  • As of October 18th 11:00 AM ET, Pantherator’s Floating Dual Claws has been successfully renamed.
  • We are still investigating its counter-attack issue and hoping to have a fix released shortly.
  • Lastly, we noticed its Reactive ability was not performing to our desired intentions. This has been changed. Its new Reactive is as follows:
    • Reactive:
    • After each action phase (if opponent damage reduced)
    • Target highest HP opponent: Afflict all resistance 33%, 2 turns, 4 attacks.

Original Post

  • There was an issue at launch that prevented players from receiving DNA from Droning – this was fixed around Oct 10th, 1:00 PM ET.
    • After extensive auditing and review, we could also confirm Darts were not being wasted or deducted from Players’ inventories. The only time Darts were deducted was when DNA was being correctly rewarded.
  • Droning a Flying Dino can cause the camera to remain fixed on it after droning.
    • The workaround for this is to either restart the app or you can enter a Sanctuary and then exit it.
  • Unique Nomingia was temporarily spawning shortly after the 3.2 launch – this has been fixed.
  • Pantherator is not dealing damage with its counter-attack when it should be.
  • Pantherator’s Distracting Triple Strike is mislabeled – the ability title should read “Floating Dual Claws” – we can confirm it’s intended only to attack twice.
  • Olorotitan’s Group Invincibility On Escape mentions Group but has no Group component to the ability.
  • The Radius on the map appears smaller after updating.
    • Based on our investigations, this is just a visual issue. we have not modified the range or data for the Radius, and players should still have the same ranges as they did before the update.
  • Players reporting their Daily Battle Incubators aren’t counting towards Alliance Missions.
    • Based on investigations, we believe it is a visual server lag with the mission progression – meaning the mission is indeed correctly tracking and recording Daily Battle Incubator openings; there is just a delay in the progress bar’s update to reflect it. The bar does progress after some time has passed.

We will keep you posted on the progression of the fixes in this thread.

Thank you!