October 21-22 Login Issues (Updated 10/25)

October 21-22 Login Issues (Updated 10/25)

2023-10-25 UPDATE

We have deployed a fix to the specific players that were still unable to login since October 21st. All that is needed from them is to restart their app. We have sent all these players compensation mails as of October 24th, 2023 11:00 AM ET. These mails will expire after 30 days from their delivery point.

If you are still stuck at the login screen after 24 hours, please contact our support team either in-game or email us over at support+alive@ludia.com with your Support Key included.


Hey DPG members,

The team is aware of server connectivity issues having occurred since October 21st, and that players have had difficulty logging into the game since then.

We are happy to report that we have mitigated the issue, and the servers have stabilized.

That being said, we know there are players still stuck at the Login Screen. We are currently working on deploying a fix for these players and hoping to release it in the coming days. Once this fix is deployed, these specific accounts will have their progress reverted to just before the point the issue occurred.

We will update this post once the fix has been deployed and outline the compensation plan for the players impacted for the past few days.

In the meantime, we will be providing the following compensation to ALL players, including those not impacted but had their Alliances impacted:

  • The October 27th, 2023 DNA Tournament will be a 3x AP multiplier. Meaning players will receive 3000 Alliance Points upon their 10-Takedown completion.
  • All players will receive the Tier 5 Alliance Missions DNA Incubator Rewards from the week of October 9th.
    • The mail containing the Compensation will be sent on October 23rd, 2023, 5:00 PM ET. This mail will expire 30 days from its delivery point.

After the account fix is deployed, this post will be updated with the compensation details for the users that were still stuck.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding with us throughout the matter.