Unique Creature Rebalance – June 29th, 2023

Unique Creature Rebalance – June 29th, 2023

Hello everyone,

We always aim to keep a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone as we introduce new creatures and abilities to the game. With every new creature introduction, creature balancing is necessary to achieve that vision. For that reason, rebalancing some selected Unique Creatures was planned with the release of our next update.

Unfortunately, these changes were accidentally released ahead of plan and without notice to players, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. For context, creature balancing is done after evaluating battle performance and from the numerous feedback we’ve received from players. Our goal is for these creatures to remain powerful and relevant to battle while ensuring players find other Unique creatures equally as valuable for battle and Enhancement. We know players have invested a lot of effort in these Unique Creatures, which is why we’re closely monitoring these changes.

We understand that these changes might be the topic of many discussions, as many players have invested a lot of effort in these selected Unique Creatures. Rest assured that we’re closely monitoring their current performance and will address any changes if needed.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your understanding and support over the years. We know balancing overall remains a polarizing subject among the community, but we’re confident that these changes will further provide a greater experience to all players!



  • HP: 3450 to 3350
  • Damage: 1450 to 1350
  • Speed: 131 to 130




  • Speed: 129 to 128
  • Deceleration Resistance: 100% to 75%



  • HP: 4200 to 4000
  • Armor: 25% to 20%
  • Speed: 125 to 123



  • Frustrating Impact becomes Evasive Cunning Impact
  • Cunning Rampage becomes Nullifying Impact
  • All Raid Bosses now have 80% Affliction resistance.