The Savage Pass

The Savage Pass

Please note that the Savage Pass has been delayed to July 5th at 11:00 AM EST. Thank you for your understanding!


This Pass is a real Savage! It will be focusing on the newly introduced lethal velociraptor, Clever Girl! This Pass will also include Stat Boost Reset Tokens!

Expect to receive DNA rewards from the likes of:

  • Allosinosaurus
  • Atrocodistis
  • Clever Girl
  • Delta
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Red
  • Suchomimus
  • Utahraptor
  • Velociraptor

As well as an Exclusive Skin for Giganotosaurus, and Customization items to personalize your profile! Want to know more? Visit the Pass menu while the Pass is active!

This pass will be active from July 5th, 2023 11:00 AM ET to August 2nd, 2023 11:00 AM ET.

Happy Battling!