Sanctuary Progression Reset *UPDATE*

Sanctuary Progression Reset *UPDATE*

2023-10-11 *UPDATE*

Hey DPG members,

As previously mentioned, a reset will indeed occur in order for us to properly deploy our new Map System. Doing so will also require maintenance, starting October 12th, 2023, 10:00 AM ET. While this maintenance period is expected to be much shorter than usual, we’ll make sure to notify all players if it takes longer than anticipated (more than an hour) via Twitter. Thus, we strongly encourage players to complete the day’s events as soon as possible before maintenance.

Please note that the game will become inaccessible during maintenance.
Once maintenance is over and players log back in, Sanctuaries will be reset, and Dinosaurs within them will be returned to their owners with DNA rewards.

Otherwise, the Map itself should be the same as players are used to before the changes.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Happy Hunting!

2023-10-06 *UPDATE*

Hello DPG members,

After further investigations and troubleshooting, we would like to confirm that the Sanctuaries will NOT reset with the launch of 3.2.

However, they may be subject to reset a few days later. We will update this post with 100% confirmation in the coming days.

Regardless of when the reset occurs, the return behavior mentioned prior during said Reset will still happen. In other words, dinosaurs in Sanctuaries during the Reset will be automatically returned to their owners with the equivalent DNA rewards.

We thank you kindly for your patience and understanding.

Hello DPG Members,

As mentioned in our February letter to the Community, we will be implementing a new back-end Map system to replace the Google Maps map system currently in use.

One technical limitation prevents us from carrying the current Map progression over to the new one. This will impact Sanctuary Levels and the dinosaurs placed in them.

Please note that when the new map system is deployed, all Sanctuary progression will be reset.

This means that upon updating, all Sanctuary Levels will be reset to Level 1, and any dinosaurs within Sanctuaries will be automatically returned to their owner’s collections.

Any dino that was placed in a Sanctuary prior to the Reset, will be returned with the amount of DNA equivalent to the amount of days it was in the Sanctuary. So for example, if your dino was in a Sanctuary 72 hours prior to the reset, it will receive 72 hours worth of DNA etc…

The deployment date for the new map system is currently slated to be included with our next major update, due in October 2023.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Jurassic World Alive team