A Letter to Our Community

A Letter to Our Community

Hello DPG members,

Thanks to your endless support, Jurassic World Alive has become one of the top location-based mobile games in the world. This year, we’ll celebrate a major milestone: Jurassic World Alive’s fifth anniversary. We’re far from finished and have lots of game updates in store for you!

At the heart of Jurassic World are the dinosaurs, and so we wanted to let you know that we are working on some exciting new updates behind the scenes. Over the next few months, we will be making some improvements to the game and creating new, valuable features that will address player needs.

Although this may cause a small delay in the number of new dinosaur updates to the game, we wanted to assure you there is more to come and share a sneak peek at a few of the many great features that are in store!

Stay tuned for a year full of celebrations!

Enhancements (Coming this Spring)

Collecting DNA has always been part of the fun, but what about the extra DNA you’ve accumulated over time?
Put stacked DNA to good use with the new Enhancements feature! Convert unused DNA to a new resource that helps you enhance select dinosaurs in your Collection — and even provide them with new abilities!*

Stay tuned for more information!

*Please note this information is subject to change.

Skins and Balancing (Ongoing)

Community members have noted a lack of Skins available in recent Passes. Rest assured, while our skin distribution strategy is currently being revised, we remain invested in the future of this exciting feature and will have more to come soon!

Battle balancing has always been a popular topic in the community. As we’re aware that everyone has different opinions, please know that our team is doing its absolute best to provide a balanced gameplay experience for everyone. As always, bug fixes remain a priority in order to deliver an optimized gaming experience to all of our players. We truly appreciate your understanding.

Google Maps Transition (Coming this Summer)

You may have heard that the game’s technical services for our map technology are being phased out. Fret not; the JWA team is well underway in developing secure Map technology to keep your experience strong!

We are also excited to celebrate another anniversary with our community this year – the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park. Stay tuned for updates on how we’ll honor the classic film that started it all later this year.

Lastly, we cannot thank you enough for being such a passionate community and for sharing your feedback. Thanks to your overwhelming support, dinosaurs are still alive in our world, and we hope you’re excited about what’s coming next!

The Jurassic World Alive Team