Omega Training – Training Point System Announcement

Omega Training – Training Point System Announcement

Hello DPG Members,

As mentioned in last week’s RELEASE NOTES, Update 3.0.30 is on its way and will introduce Omega Training! With this new feature, you’ll be able to customize your Omega Creature stats as you see fit with Training Points.

As we want to provide players with the opportunity to stack their battle team as they like, please note that all Omegas currently unlocked in your Collection will scale down to their Level 1 base stat attributes with this new update.

This may initially appear as though your Omega’s attributes were lowered/reset. Rest assured that your Omega’s Creature level will remain the same, and you will not lose their unlocked moves, progress, and investments you’ve made. Each unlocked Omega will receive their Training Points back, equivalent to their Creature’s level — which can be reapplied to their attributes once version 3.0.30 releases! Through the Enhancements section of each Omega in the Lab, you can retrain your older Omegas to the attribute values they were prior to the update or customize them even further!

You can preview your Training Points distribution before locking it in. But if you’re still unsatisfied with your enhanced Omega, fret not! Omega stats can be reset at any time. If you decide to reset, your selected Omega will return to its base stats, and you can reallocate your Training Points as you choose to. While there is no limit to the number of resets possible, please note that every reset will require Hard Cash. Before resetting, players will receive a confirmation prompt to avoid accidental resets.

Please note that Stat Boosts do not appear on the training menu. You must exit the training menu to check how they affect your Omega’s stats.

For more information on the Omega Training and other features in Update 3.0.30, please check our Release Notes!

Unleash your creativity and show us the incredible ways you’ll customize your Omegas!