Map Event Distribution Issues *Update #3*

Map Event Distribution Issues *Update #3*

2023-10-20 UPDATE

As we initially mentioned, we have an update that should provide small improvements to the map for most players – especially in rural areas. We can now confirm that the technical update will be released on Monday, October 23rd! Additionally, it should resolve the issue with the map’s camera being locked on flying Flock dinos.

For this matter, we’ve extended the compensation Login Calendar for an additional week and sent a Halloween Scent to all players via in-game mail. Make sure to claim it fast, as it will expire in 7 days!

We sincerely thank you for your patience and collaboration. As a reminder, we invite you to send us pictures of your Map before and after the technical update via our social channels mentioned in this original post below. Doing so will greatly help us to continue optimizing the map in the coming weeks!


Hello DPG members,

We understand many players haven’t noticed any changes on their Map following maintenance. Our team is working on a technical update that should be released by next week to activate the intended event distribution changes on the Map for the players who haven’t seen them yet.

As mentioned in our previous update, this is the first step we undertook to improve the map event distribution. While this technical update should provide small changes to the map, please expect more actions in the coming weeks as we strive to give all players an optimal and balanced map event experience.

Thank you to everyone who continuously provides us with valuable feedback, which truly helps our team. Once the technical update is released, we invite everyone to follow us on our social media channels and send pictures of your Map before and after the technical update in one of the following threads:

We also appreciate that you do not contact Support concerning the matter.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your collaboration and patience while we’re still assessing the situation.

– The Jurassic World Alive team