Map Event Distribution Issues *Update #2*

Map Event Distribution Issues *Update #2*

2023-10-19 UPDATE

Hello DPG Members,
Game Maintenance is now over!

Please note that the balanced distribution changes should gradually appear on the map and will be fully active following our technical update early next week.

Thank you for your understanding!


Hello DPG members,

In an effort to tweak the map events distribution, the game will be under maintenance, starting October 19th, 10:00 AM ET. While we anticipate the maintenance period being much shorter than usual, we’ll make sure to notify all players if it takes longer than anticipated (more than an hour) via Twitter. Thus, we strongly encourage players to complete October 18th’s events as soon as possible before maintenance.

Following maintenance, players should notice a more balanced distribution with slightly more populated events in rural areas and better-scattered events in urban areas (notably fewer Raids or ESDs overlapping with each other on the map.)

Please note that this is only the first action, as our team is continuously working on improving the map event experience for all players. We’ll let everyone know of any upcoming changes as well.

To help our team with their investigations, we continue to invite everyone to follow us on our social media channels and to send pictures of your Map before and after maintenance in one of the following threads:

We also appreciate that you do not contact Support concerning the matter.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your help and patience while we resolve the matter, and hope you’ll take the time to share your feedback after these changes.

– The Jurassic World Alive team