Lunar New Year Trial Issue (UPDATED 02/09)

Lunar New Year Trial Issue (UPDATED 02/09)

UPDATE – 02-09-2024

Hello everyone,

Please note that we will push a fix to address the Lunar New Year Trial issues at 5 PM ET today. This should also address the same issue on Raids. Please make sure to reboot your game after 5 PM to apply these fixes to your game.

Thank you for your understanding!


Hello DPG Members,

We’re aware that players have issues entering the current Lunar New Year Trial event.

From preliminary investigation, the issue seems tied to using Omegas in this Trial.

As our team continues investigating, we suggest avoiding using Omegas for this Trial.

Please note this issue may also affect the other Lunar New Year Trials.

Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience.