Community Update (March 2024)

Community Update (March 2024)

Hello everyone,

It’s been a minute since we’ve caught you up on all the thrilling things happening in Jurassic World Alive! With that said, we’ll provide shorter community updates more frequently to keep you informed of all the exciting stuff coming up.

Here’s a small peek of what we have in store for you.

🗊 New Communication Style

You may have noticed we’ve recently revamped the way we communicate news overall. In order to prioritize efficiency, reduce redundancy and communication errors, this includes less website communication related to in-game events — when the information is already available in-game, a different Release Notes format, and fewer in-game popups.
We’re continuously making adjustments so feel free to share your feedback with us!
Thank you to everyone who filled out our recent in-game surveys, as well! Expect to see more as your feedback helps us to optimize the game experience for you.

Map Event Distribution + Short Range Spawn issues

We acknowledge that many players are still experiencing issues with their Map – including map event distribution and short-range spawn issues – since we switched map providers a few months ago.
We hear you and truly regret any inconvenience caused. We’ve released a few fixes — including our most recent one — that helped improve the situation for a large population of the player base.
Despite the complex nature of these problems, know that our team is actively working on ironing out these issues in the forthcoming updates.
We’d also like to thank everyone who submitted a report; your efforts have been instrumental in helping us address these challenges more effectively. If you have been affected by these issues and haven’t submitted a report, you can do so here.

🦖 New Dinosaurs Coming (Ongoing)

This last update saw the release of a new Common dinosaur – the first in more than two years! We can’t thank the community enough for its overwhelmingly positive reception! We’ve heard your requests for more rarity diversity on the Map – expect to see a few casual-rarity dinosaurs alongside powerful Hybrids in the coming updates!

2024 will continue to see more new dinosaur releases on a regular basis, including new Hybrids – stay tuned for so much more!

🌐 GPS-Less Feedback (Later this year)

We’re absolutely thrilled to see the popularity of the GPS-Less option in the community since its release. While It’s been a game changer for players who can’t collect dinosaurs’ DNA on the Map, we were humbled to see it adopted as an accessibility feature for mobility-challenged players!

Hold onto your hats as our team is busy tinkering around to make the GPS-Less feature a thrilling gameplay experience for everyone! Stay tuned for more!