Alliance Missions | DNA Rewards (2023)

Alliance Missions | DNA Rewards (2023)

Hello DPG members!

The Alliance Mission creatures featured in the rewards change every two weeks, on Mondays.

**Note**: Alliance Missions rewards received on Mondays when a change is to occur will be for the creatures featured in the Alliance Missions that were completed the previous week and not the newly featured creatures. Those creatures’ DNA will be part of the following Monday’s rewards.

e.g., Rewards collected on July 15th are for the creatures featured on the week of July 8th.


JANUARY 2023 | 2nd to 16th


  • Exploration Missions
    • Common: Majungasaurus
    • Common: Miragaia
    • Rare: Carnotaurus
    • Rare: Tupandactylus
    • Epic: Antarctopelta


  • Defense Missions
    • Common: Deinocheirus
    • Common: Inostrancevia
    • Rare: Gorgonops
    • Rare: Moschops
    • Epic: Scutosaurus