Update 2.22

Update 2.22

Release 2.22: The Enhancements Update!

Update 2.22 brings Genetic Enhancements, a new creature, new abilities, a new ability mechanic, and more to Jurassic World Alive !

What’s New?


Commonly called the “devil frog,” Beelzebufo lived in Madagascar in the Cretaceous period. With a large and strong jaw, Beelzebufo may have even preyed upon infant dinosaurs!

  • Beelzebufo is a Cunning, Tank Debuffer.





Like the Poison Dart Frogs of the Amazon, just touching the skin of Beelzebufo can have some ill effects! This creature brings a new status effect to Jurassic World Alive, Affliction!

Affliction reduces opponent creature resistances for a specified number of turns, weakening their defenses!

Check out Affliction’s Status effect Icon and Beelzebufo’s Afflicting Strike below.


Target opponent with most positive effects: attack 1x. Afflict all resistances 15%, lasting 2 turns.
Cooldown: 1.


Watch out for more Afflicting creatures on their way to your Jurassic World!

Starting with update 2.22, damage terms like Strike, Impact and Rampage will begin to take on a slightly new meaning. Where these titles previously communicated static damage values separated by a .5 damage multiplier, these titles will now be used to communicate any damage value within that .5 range, and these changes will also apply to Ability Icons. This will help to combat Power Creep, and provide more flexibility in creature matchups!

For example, the 2.22 Ability Feast deals 1.75x damage. This is now in the Impact Range, so the Icon for this ability communicates an Impact value:


Self: Rally Heal 33% of max HP.
Target all opponents: attack 1.75x.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.


See the table below for more information!

Damage Title Damage Value
Strike .1x – 1.49x Damage Stat
Impact 1.5x – 1.99x Damage Stat
Rampage 2x – 2.49x Damage Stat
Decimation 2.5x – 2.99x Damage Stat
Devastation 3x Damage Stat or higher



Self: Rally Heal 33% of max HP.
Target all opponents: attack 1.75x.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.



Target opponent with most positive effects: attack 1x. Afflict all resistances 15%, lasting 2 turns.
Cooldown: 1.



Self: 50% Chance to Dodge 66% of direct damage, 4 attacks, 2 turns.
Target opponent with most positive effects: Remove Dodge. Attack .75x twice.

Take your creatures to the next Level with Enhancements!

Genetic Enhancements are Stat and ability upgrades accessible via the Enhancements Track on any Unique creature at Level 30! Access the Genetic Enhancements track for applicable creatures by entering that creature’s menu in the Lab.

Use your Genetic Enhancements track to gain upgrades for your creature, including Stat increases and Reactive abilities! Reactive abilities are a new type of Passive that trigger automatic effects when specific conditions are met! Unlock these abilities in the Enhancement track to discover them!

Catalysts are the genetic agents needed to produce Enhancements. Earn Catalysts in the Recombination menu and use them to progress through your Enhancements Track!

The Recombination menu can be accessed in the Lab. Recombine existing creature DNA in your Recombination tank to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold Catalysts. Reach Level 25 with any creature Common to Legendary to start fusing its DNA into Catalysts!

Update 2.22 brings the return of 1 Raid Boss!

  • Pyrritator will re-enter Raids starting Friday, April 14.

Find Beelzebufo in Events on the Map and in the Store, starting March 29th!

What’s Improved?


The speed at which battles have been playing out has left Oviraptor a bit in the lurch! We’re giving it a new ability to keep it strong within its niche and take on its peskiest opponents, Flock creatures.

Sidestep becomes Dual Claw



To keep Arctops up with the meta, we are replacing its Distraction with an ability that has a bit more punch!

Distraction becomes Cunning Strike



Cervalces’ Health stat was a little low compared to other creatures in its niche, so we boosted it!

HP: 3150 to 3300



To guarantee damage against varied opponents, we’re boosting a few of this Flyer’s Resistances.

Reduced Damage Resistance: 0% to 100%
Speed Decrease Resistance: 0% to 50%



Sonorasaurus lacked strength in its role, so we are updating its kit to give players a few more options!

Resilient Strike becomes Group Resilient Strike
Taunting Vulnerability becomes Brace


Moros intrepidus

This relatively new creature has been slightly underperforming in Epic tournaments, so we gave its Attack Stat a little boost!

Damage: 1100 to 1200


Allosaurus GEN 2

Allosaurus’ knockout attack needed a bit of improvement, so we’ve updated its Rending ability.

Rending Takedown becomes Instant Rend.



Feedback on Alloraptor’s basic attack encouraged us to reconsider this ability. With its adjusted kit, Alloraptor’s gameplay stays similar, but its basic attack can be of constant use!

Rending Takedown becomes Cunning Ferocious Strike.
Rending Attack added.



Like Arctops, Spinoconstrictor needed a little boost to keep up with the evolution of Jurassic World Alive!

Distraction becomes Cunning Strike.

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.22! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Fixed a visual issue with the shining effect during the reward sequence.
  • The game should not freeze anymore when attempting to fuse 2 creatures.
  • Fixed an issue in which some creatures would not show their fainting animation.
  • The creature animation should now loop appropriately during a drone session.
  • Panthera Blythae’s Swift Wounding Swap-In should now bypass dodge as intended.
  • Red’s Berserk Resilient Rampage should now properly remove Damage increase buff on the opponent – making it Vulnerable for 1 attack, 1 turn.
  • Diloracheirus’s Darting Counter passive should now properly increase the creature’s speed by 20%.
  • Description for Group Fortifying Impact and Healing Bellow has been modified to better reflect their behavior.
  • The shield from Troodoboa’s Instant Decelerating Precision should now last 4 attacks, as stated in the description.
  • Breakthrough ability should now properly target the Highest HP opponent as stated in the ability description.

A note on data collecting:

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.