Update 3.1 Known Issues *UPDATED*

Update 3.1 Known Issues *UPDATED*

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 3.1:

2023-09-05 UPDATE #2

  • We’ve released 3.1.38 as an optional download (meaning players are not forced to download until a later period). This addresses:
    • The Crit Animation continuously playing despite a Crit Attack not occurring.
    • Invalid Strings appearing in certain areas of the game.

2023-09-05 UPDATE

  • We’re continuing to investigate reports of the Treasure Chase boxes requiring multiple taps before they are opened. We can confirm they eventually open and provide rewards, just with a delay. Investigations are ongoing.

2023-08-25 UPDATE

  • We’ve pushed a fix to address the Invalid_String text appearing in place of Mission contributors.

2023-08-24 UPDATE

  • We’ve pushed a fix to Atrocodistis’ Reactive ability. However, please note the fix required a slight ability alteration. The new Reactive Passive is as follows:
    • At start of turn (if HP 50% or less) Target Self: Increase Damage 15% 2 turns, 2 attacks.


  • In the Collection screen, the Training Points arrow will still appear over Omegas despite not having any Training Points available.
  • Invalid_String is appearing in Mission contributions instead of usernames
  • The Crit Attack animation is playing with every attack. This is a visual issue only we’re treating with priority.
  • Raids not ending when a majority has decided to surrender
    • This is an edge case that only occurs if a player abstains. In most cases, the Raid should end if a majority has voted to surrender.
  • Atrocodistis’ Reactive ability has changed.
    • This was unintentional and the original ability was meant to remain
  • The Dawn Pass listed the incorrect rewards.
    • This was a communications error and the post has been updated.
  • We are continuing to investigate Raid Invitations issues and working with our partners for a solution.

We apologize for the inconvenience.