Update 2.23 Known Issues

Update 2.23 Known Issues

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.23.

The team is currently investigating the following reported issues:

Mentioned in the Release Notes:

  • Players may sometimes experience issues while playing the Daily Incubator Video Ad.
  • Players might have trouble starting a friendly battle.
  • During a raid session, the game can switch to landscape mode on some devices, causing UI issues. This is not intended, as the game is supposed to stay in portrait mode.
  • Expired DNA Donation requests sometimes remain in the Alliance Chat.

Newly Reported Issues:

  • Rexy does not have Audio when used in AR.
  • Alankyloceratops’ Dragon Flight ability will defeat a full HP Tenontorex despite not having enough Damage.
  • The Enhancements icon is appearing over creatures that do not have Enhancements when entering a Battle.
  • Struthiomimus is appearing instead of Stygimoloch in the News Center, and when being rewarded it’s DNA (this issue is purely visual, Stygimoloch is still the DNA being given.)
  • Rexy’s Dominant Roar ability is not behaving as intended (it should be behaving as its description states)
  • The Recombine DNA Timer is prematurely resetting.
  • Microraptor’s Wingbeat ability is not correctly displayed when previewed in Battle.
  • Abilities with a Threshold used on Raid Bosses use the Boss’ total HP instead of HP per round
  • Compsoraptor’s Playful Pounce Dodge effect is only lasting 1 attack instead of the intended 2 attacks

Currently Fixed:

  • Players were repeatedly asked to restart the game following the 2.23 update.


2023-05-04 UPDATE

  • Our team has become aware of the inability to apply Enhancements to Magnapyritor
    • This issue should be fixed as of 2023-05-10 11:00 AM ET
    • The Players impacted have been identified and we will be sending them compensation via in-game Mail. These mails will be sent out as of 2023-05-04 3:00 PM ET, and will expire after 14 Days.
    • We kindly ask that players do not write to support about the issue.


2023-05-10 UPDATE

  • Rexy’s Dominant Roar should now be behaving as it’s description states.
  • We discovered Ceratosarus’ Lacerate ability was doing more Damage Over Time than intended. This is now fixed.
  • The visual issue with Stygimoloch DNA should now be resolved.
    • We will be sending compensation to all players via in-game mail as of 2023-05-10 11:00 AM ET
    • These mails will expire after 14 days

Thank you!