Update 2.20 Known Issues *UPDATE*

Update 2.20 Known Issues *UPDATE*

Hello DPG Members,

Our team has been made aware of some issues following Update 2.20.

The team is currently investigating the following issues:

  • Android players having difficulty logging in. (high priority)
  • PvP Incubators appearing too bright during the winning screen.
  • Red is still on the Map. (it is intended to be removed from the Map)
  • The Arctovasilas Skin is not appearing in the Frost Grand Premium Pass
  • Alloraptor’s basic attack has a cooldown.

We will keep you posted on the progression of the fixes in this thread.

Thank you!


2022-12-06 UPDATE

  • We’re aware of the issues with Ardentismaximas’ stats and Basic ability
  • We’re aware of the issue with Spinoceratops’ Brace ability
  • We’re investigating the issue with Alloraptor’s Swap in Disarming Strike ability
  • We’re investigating Geminideus’ Harden ability targeting all instead of Highest HP only.
  • Rest assured that we are still investigating the Android login issue, and your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

2022-12-20 UPDATE

  • Be sure to check the Android issue thread for a status update on the issue.
  • Version 2.20.30 has released as an optional download. This update addresses camera issues discovered with the Isla Events!