September 9th Coin Tournament Issues

September 9th Coin Tournament Issues

Hello DPG members,

The team is aware of players having issues collecting their Coin rewards from the September 9th Coin Tournament.

The issue is related to the Leaderboard itself for that Tournament. It is causing the app to become unresponsive when players attempt to access it. To remedy the unresponsiveness, the team has replaced that Leaderboard with a previous working one!

We had already identified some affected players that participated in the Tournament and have not collected their reward yet and are continuing to do so. The reward is being sent via In-Game Mail. This thread will be updated with that progress as it occurs.

Please note, this issue only impacts the specific Tournament’s rewards and will not impact upcoming Tournaments or the Alliance Championship progression.

Thank you for your patience!

2022-09-20 UPDATE

  • The team had pushed a fix on September 15th to allow players that were in the Participation bracket to collect their participation reward
  • We then identified the remaining players ranked 25,000 and above that had not successfully collected their Coin reward yet
  • We have scheduled in-game Mails that will distribute the remaining Coin rewards based on where players should have fallen in the Rankings
  • These mails will send off as of September 20th 16:00 UTC and will expire after 14 days
  • If you have not received your in-game mail within 48 hours, please contact our support team either in-game or over at with your Support Key included