Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary *UPDATED 05/31*

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary *UPDATED 05/31*

WOW! It’s been 30 years since Life found a way, and the film that started it all was released. Come revel with us in this major milestone by participating in our first of 3 weeks worth of events and offers showcasing famous Jurassic franchise creatures!

From May 31st to June 7th, celebrate the film that started it all with events and offers all week! Visit Event Supply Drops over the week to collect selected creatures, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator.

Face off against creatures selected in honor of Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary for our special Strike event!

Face off against a Trial team selected to celebrate Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary! Beware as you must include 1 Cunning Creature in your team.

And lastly, be sure to collect up to 1200 DNA per day* from either Tarbosaurus, Triceratops GEN2, or Velociraptor during our scheduled special 30th-Anniversary Chase**.

Hold onto your butts for a week full of festivities! ✨ 🎉

2023-05-31 UPDATE

Please note the special 30th Anniversary Chase has been canceled due to a major technical issue discovered with the event. Instead, an additional regular Coin Chase will be scheduled from Saturday, June 3rd, 11:00 AM ET to Sunday June 4th, 11:00 AM ET. This will be in addition to the default chase that was scheduled for June 4th as well.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.