Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary (Part 3)

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary (Part 3)

All good things must come to an end, and the same is said with our third and final week’s worth of events and offers celebrating the 30th Anniversary release of the film that started it all! Participate in these lucrative events and offers before they’re gone!

From June 14th to June 20th, Visit Event Supply Drops over the week to collect selected dinosaurs, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator.

Face off against dinosaurs selected in honor of Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary for our special Strike event!

Face off against a Trial team selected to celebrate Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary! Make sure to bring 1 Fierce Creature to your party.

And lastly, be sure to collect up to 25,000 Coins per day during our scheduled 30th-Anniversary Chase.

Hold onto your butts for this final week full of festivities! ✨ 🎉