*UPDATE* February 7th Extended Maintenance on Android

*UPDATE* February 7th Extended Maintenance on Android

Hello DPG Members,

Due to an unforeseen delay related to our Android build, the initial scheduled maintenance was extended for more than 24 hours on the Android platform.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this delay has caused. The team is currently working on a compensation plan for all Android players as a result of the prolonged maintenance. We will update this post once the plan has been initiated.

We once again apologize for the issues, and your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.




Thank you for your patience!

  • Version 2.21.32 should now be available to download from the Google Play Store.
  • To compensate Alliances that had their Alliance Mission rewards impacted due to the lack of Android alliance members, we will be sending all players the first tier of this week’s Alliance Mission Rewards.
  • To compensate Android players who have been affected by the prolonged maintenance, we will be sending the following:
    • 500 Cash
    • 1 Winter Sports Premium Incubator
    • 1 Valentine Premium Incubator
    • 3,000 Rare Dire Wolf DNA.

We’re aware they missed many events due to this unfortunate issue, and we hope they’ll be pleased with these special in-game gifts.

These mails will be sent to players as of 2023-02-10 at 10:00 AM ET and will expire after 14 days.

If you were impacted by the issue but have yet to receive your mails within 48 hours of this follow-up, please contact our support team either in-game or over at support+alive@ludia.com with your Support Key included.

We thank all players for their patience and understanding during this time and look forward to seeing you in-game!