Egg Protectors!

Egg Protectors!

Spring is in the air! Celebrate Spring with the first of two weeks‘ worth of Spring themed events and offers. This week showcases resilient Egg Protectors determined to protect their nests at all costs!

From April 5th to April 12th, Celebrate Spring with our most guarding Egg Protectors! Visit Event Supply Drops over the week to collect these creatures, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator!

A team of protective Hadrosaurs stands between you and the Strike Event reward. Use Lockdown abilities to counter their Swaps. Shields and Counter-Attacks will help reduce their damage and increase yours!

Selected creatures stand between you and the Strike Event reward in this first set of Trial Events! They have a variety of skills, your victory may require more than one creature type.

And lastly, be sure to collect DNA from the special Egg Protector Treasure Chase during the scheduled chase event. It’ll be 1 collect every 4 hours for the duration of the scheduled event!

Happy Playing!