Dracovenator on the Map!

Dracovenator on the Map!

Hello DPG Members,

With the release of 2.23 comes a new feature: Unique Wild Spawns!
Yes, you’ve read right! We’ll have our first Unique rarity creature that will regularly spawn on the map!

Our first Unique Wild Spawn will be Dracovenator!
Here are more details about this new feature:

  • The creature will spawn on the map until announced otherwise (usually via Release Notes.)
  • It will be a short-range exclusive, so get out there and explore!
  • This creature is very evasive and will not spawn as frequently as other creatures (about the same spawn rate as a Legendary Short-Range creature.)
  • As we want to combat potential power creep with the Dracovenator, there will be a Weekly hunt limit for the creature — once the limit is reached, it will no longer spawn until the limit resets.
    • Weekly Hunt Limit: 1 Successful Drone Attempt every 7 Days.
    • The limit resets every Monday 15:00 UTC

We hope this first Wild Spawn will motivate you to further explore your area to collect this Unique Creature’s DNA!

Happy Hunting!